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Oz Comic-Con 2015


I went for the first time, guys!!!

All I can say is that it was fantastic and an amazing experience!!!!
I got signatures for the voices of Zuko and Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender. They were super nice. Dante Bascoe (Zuko) and I talked about blogging and vlogging since he noticed my camera and asked if I got any good shots. Since, comic-con was my first shot and vlogging I told him about it. Eeek!!!!
And Olivia Hack (Ty Lee) called me cute! I didn’t cosplay or anything, I was just dressed in jeans, tshirt and flannel but SHE CALLED ME CUTE.

I bought a bunch of stuff: Deathly Hallows necklace, Deadly Class Vol. 1 Graphic novel, bookmarks, a Doctor Who poster. Guys, nerd merchandise is not cheap.

Anyway, I gave vlogging a chance and put it all together. Hopefully, you guys think its satisfactory for a first timer.

A mash-up of all the photos and videos from comic con are linked HERE.
(I’m the one in the beanie)



2 thoughts on “Oz Comic-Con 2015

  1. 😀 WOW!! 😀
    It looks like you had a fan – freaking – awesome time!!!!! SO JELLY! And yeah i agree geek merchandise is totally way to expensive! ❤


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