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September Playlist: I realise I go crazy when I’m not listening to music

Monthly Music

I literally do, people.

When there’s nothing playing in my ears, I feel empty and my fingers get jittery and my mind goes crazy. That’s not the best description but it’s such a strange feeling. But when the music plays, it’s like the stone in my chest disappears.
Is that just me? Tell me, you guys experience this as well.

This month’s music was fantastic!
I went to Imagine Dragon’s concert and it left me speechless. They are soooo much better live!!! The concert’s energy was charged and their singing and instrumental combined with the awesome lighting effects was just mesmerising!

Anyway, let’s get to it!

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  1. New Americana – Halsey

Once again, I owe this discovery to Spotify’s amazing playlists. They are my life lines in discovering new music. I love Halsey’s moody sound and this song literally made me pause to savour the tune. Then I hastily saved it on Spotify. After that, I listened to the whole album and now, I’m hooked.

2. Wild – Troye Sivan

Eeeeek!!!! I love it so much!
I don’t know how to describe it except, it is quite similar to Halsey – a very indie, moody sound. It’s a great late night jam, if you can’t sleep. It’s also fantastic for writing any emotional scenes.

3. Barcelona – George Ezra

George Ezra’a music reminds me sooo much of Summer!!! And that’s why I love listening to him. His music reminds me of Summer holidays packed with beach outings, hanging out with friends and enjoying the sun. Summer, here we come!!!

4. Roots by Imagine Dragons

Was anyone as excited for this single as me?!
And it exceeded my expectations by a lot! What I’ve found is that they’re a very unpredictable band. Each song is distinctly different so you don’t really know what you’re going to expect next and this one was SPOT ON!
When they played this at their concert, I can verify that I went crazy.

5. Helplessly by Tatiana Manaois

This song is just so sweet. And once again, I thank Spotify’s playlists for simply finding what suits my taste. It’s a very simple, acoustic song with sweet-sounding harmonies. Simply, it’s a very ‘look out the car window’ type song.
You know what I mean.

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There are my top 5 songs for September!!!!
Hope you guys found something new and enjoyable!

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