Let’s Talk: About where the magic happens

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Whether we’re students, bloggers, writers, awesome hipsters, day-dreamers or just human-beings in general, we have our work space. Or in my words, we have that place where all the magic happens.

In my case, the magic happens besides my bed, where my desk is. It’s where I do my homework, study for exams, jot down my novels, plan my blog posts, write random lists and just stare out the window in general. If we’re also talking about computer stuff, that’s downstairs in my parent’s office because I don’t have my own laptop and my brothers broke the laptop I share with them. Yes, this my life.

So today, to make up for not posting last week’s recap and for missing Tuesday’s post, I’m giving you a very exclusive and unique tour of my magical work space.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Untitled design







At the moment everything is everywhere because I have exams coming up which probably means that my desk should be neater but it’s the complete opposite for me. My head’s a mess and thus my workspace is a mess.

My fairy lights is where I normally hang any invitations, reminders or cards. As you can see, I currently have receipts, bobby pins, pens and my pencil case scattered everywhere. Last month’s Time Magazine is lingering on the side because I’ve just finished reading it and it always keeps me up to date with news, pop culture, current affairs. I love Time magazine sooo much. Last month’s issue was a special edition all about the mass migration from Syria and it was emotional and eye- opening and the photos were just amazing.

I got the speakers for my 14th birthday and I’ve cherished it ever since. My parents mainly got it from me because they didn’t like the idea of blasting my ears with music (which I still do anyway).

Can you guys spot my new Jane Austen teapot?! Got this at Book expo and it was a gorgeous (and $20) piece of wonder. I now use this every day!!! Plus, I also keep the book I’m currently reading near my bed because who doesn’t like drinking tea and reading before a good night’s sleep?

I keep my huge pile of papers, folders, work, etc on the drawers beside my desk. I really should have some sort of organisation system for all this stuff but I don’t……
What normally happens is that I’ll try to be organised but it never works out because it confuses me even more.

Shout out to the lovely people at WeWork who inspired this discussion post! They specialise in spaces where magic happens. Their office spaces are beautiful, modern and if any of you are interested, I have linked their very gorgeously designed website. Seriously guys, I’m in love with it.

Untitled design

So there is a brief tour of my magical, happy place. Obviously, it’s not very big but I love it, it suits me and when I move out of home, I plan to make my new work space the MOST AWESOME ever.



5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: About where the magic happens

  1. I see a new blog theme and I like it. Also, your work space is so cute! so envious of that Austen teapot. I do everything on my bed, it’s very convenient in case I decide to fall asleep on my homework (which happens more often than I’d like)

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