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Fangirl Weekly: Apologies, Explanations & Pathetic Excuses

Fangirl weekly

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I’ve been bad, very bad. I’ve been the WORST PERSON EVER!!!!

I’ve missed two weekly recaps and I didn’t even post ANYTHING this week. Ultimately, I FAILED TO FOLLOW MY SCHEDULE.


I have exams coming soon so I’ve been furiously studying. After the next two weeks, I’ll be free everyone and then I can read and blog to my heart’s content. And then afterwards, I’ll be off to Indonesia and Singapore for a whole 2 months with my best friend!!! YAY!!

I’ll still be blogging, don’t worry. Don’t if you are but. . . just in case.

The prospect of this Summer hasn’t dawned on me yet but I promise to take heaps of photos. I mean, duh.

So yeah, because of exams, I’ll be pretty scarce during the next two weeks. But I am letting you guys know, to watch out for the 11th. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR THE DANGEROUS LIES BLOG TOUR! Firstly, Simon & Schuster have been awesome in organising this jam-packed blog tour. There are other bloggers posting their reviews and creative content so keep an eye out for my stop on the 11th!

Follow the tour!


Also, I just got my OWN LAPTOP!!! I know, exciting stuff, huh?! MY OWN MACBOOK AIR!!! Blogging, writing and schoolwork is going to be so much easier without sharing with my mum or waiting for my brother to be done playing video games. YAAS!!! I love me mummy and daddy.

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On the Blog (2)I’m going to be recapping the last two weeks because I missed them. *Looks down in shame*

  • Book Review: Night Owls by Jenn Bennett
    Guys, go read this book. GO READ IT NOW. It’s a perfect combination of cute romance and character development. Psst, there’s a hot graffitist and a talented medical illustrator involved.
  • September Book Haul
    Last month’s book haul consisted of not too man books but beautiful, nevertheless
  • Let’s Talk: … About where the Magic Happens
    I discussed my work space which at the time did not consist of a computer/laptop. BUT NOW IT DOES, so that’s an added bonus. I had fun taking pictures of my desk and my overwhelming pile of study papers even though, I was obviously procrastinating.
  • Book Review: Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice by Kathleen Benner Duble 
    A surprisingly enjoyable read filled with intrigue, romance and tension set in the French Revolution. Read it and be mesmerised with its complex past!
  • Book Review: Tonight the Streets are Ours by Leila Sales
    It’s one of the books where you have complicated love/hate relationships with. I was interest by the story line and the heroine’s back story but at the same time felt like nothing happened. It’s definitely an enjoyable read but definitely a slightly annoying one.

In the Bookish World

Wow. Well I bet a heap has happened but honestly, I haven’t been keeping track. Googling now . . .

  • The Crown by Kiera Cass COVER REVEAL
    The last book of Keira Cass’ “The Selection” series books over was just released. This time I hope she really means the last book.
    12219559_448056925396823_3838846855670715082_nYeah, I’m going to go all out and say it. I don’t like it. I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL. It’s the same sort of constant theme that runs across the book’s past gorgeous covers by this one is ‘ugh‘.
    It’s the face. The face ruins everything, it looks so photoshopped and out of place and just ruins the whole look. Nope, nope, nope, i am not a big fan. What do you all think???
  • Throne of Glass TV Show: Whaaa???
    I have heard rumours of a Throne of Glass TV show so I googled it and *drum roll* apparently, that is correct! The Mark Gordon Company has optioned Throne of Glass. There’s no director and obviously no cast yet but I do hope that the show, sort of becomes the new Game of Thrones. I have high hopes for our badass heroine to shine even more.

Currently Reading

I haven’t gotten a lot of reading done (literally a chapter in two weeks. No joke) because of upcoming exams. I dread exams for this exact reason. But, by what I have read, I can tell you that this book is something special, unique and a book you’ve never read before. Cannot wait to read more

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So there’s my two weekly recap, in this case.

I’ll see you guys on the 11th and after exams!!! By this time in two weeks, I WLL BE COMPLETELY FREE!!!



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