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Random Thought: Innocence is Underrated.

A random thought came over me when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last night.

I found out that someone I knew had a birthday that day. I was never friends with this girl. In fact, I hated (and still kind of do) her. She stood for everything I was against; subjecting to the conventional views of beauty and objectifying herself whilst still calling herself a feminist. It disgusts me, people who claim to stand against society’s superficial views but obviously still succumb to it. I am honestly boggled by these people.

Anyway, moving on from that rant.

It was her birthday that day and I was scrolling through her birthday wishes and the photos people were posting. Expectedly, they’re slutty and drunk and overall, not very nice. Now, I try very hard not to judge people quickly. But in this circumstance, it seemed very obvious who she had become. Then, I stumbled onto a post where it had her kindergarten photo with a current photo of her and it just occurred to me, how underrated innocence is. People are always saying when they post these kind of photos, ‘look how far she’s come’. Yes, she’s certainly come far but I don’t mean it in the same way.


We’re always under some kind of pressure to grow up.

Being innocent or having that child-like wonder is considered immature and this sort of pressure forces to view the world in either some sort of cynical and pessimistic way or to waste our lives doing whatever because we want under the view that life is going to end anyway so what’s the point?

There IS a point.

The point is not to regret your life. I don’t regret not being a party teenager, I don’t regret being the weird, crazy chick who says random things and can’t sit still. I don’t regret being a reader, a feminist, a writer, a blogger, a friend, single, photographer, etc. Sure, I regret not buying that cupcake (I mean, duh), asking that guy out or not reading that book sooner but they’re tiny things that you get over pretty quickly. But the point is, I don’t want to lose that childish innocence. Yes, I desperately yearn to graduate school already so I can be independent, but that isn’t the same from ‘growing up.’ 

You all know I am a massive fan of Doctor Who but once he said,

“Why be mature when you can be immature?”

At face value, it seems like a silly statement but he has a big point. Why are we trying so hard to act so grown up, sensible and cynical when it is so much more  fun to retain that wonder and see the world and your life in its endless beauty?

Woah, I’m getting real deep here.

But I hope you guys get my point. I hope this girl one day decides if she regrets her life, so far. I think that’s a question we have to constantly ask ourself after every milestone and even, before deciding any major decision:

Do I regret my life? Or will this make me regret my life?

It kind of sums up everything, doesn’t it.

Anyway, that was a randomly deep and meaningful discussion.

On a happier note, I am off to BTCYA in Sydney on Friday!!! EEK! I am sooooo excited. Unfortunately I still have to find people to go with  because my friends are unfortunately very busy people. WAHHH!!! Also, I have put myself on a very strict book-buying ban that night because I literally spent just under $200 on books last night as a reward for exams. I kind of went overboard. But I will show you all of those beauties in my next book haul when they arrive.






3 thoughts on “Random Thought: Innocence is Underrated.

  1. Firstly, I hope you had an amazing time at BTCYA! I don’t know… I think whatever she wants to do with her life is her own prerogative, she obviously doesn’t care what other people think of her which is kind of freeing in a way tbh. I completely agree – live life to the most no matter how old you are, so you never have any regrets. Because at the end of the day, they say you remember the things that you didn’t do rather than the things that you did.

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