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November Photography

Hello Everyone, I hope your week is going well. Those of you who are still in school in Australia, school is ending soon. HOW EXCITING?! I am definitely ready for this summer to begin.

I took bucketloads of photos this month. Around 1000 – mostly at my best friend’s party, camp and anything else I found interesting. It was a month full of editing, charging my camera, uploading photos. Whew, I gotta say sometimes it takes ALL DAY to get all my shot uploaded.

“Lone Sign”



For camp, we went to this obscure small town called Mount Victoria. Their train station was gorgeous, mostly because it was built in 1920s. I could totally imagine couple kissing their lovers goodbye as they boarded trains to go to war. It was simply a romantic station.

“Peering Through”



We went on a bush walk and of course I went crazy with the camera. But this is one I’m particularly proud of. The sunlight was perfect and I set the aperture perfect.

“I See You”



At camp, we also visited to local RSPCA and the animals we all so AMAZING. Personally I am neither a cat or dog person, I love both but I am unfortunately allergic to cats. So this adventure was filled with sneezing and runny noses. Not very nice but I couldn’t not visit the cats. This cat in particular was gorgeous. Her name is Kit and I swear she is the most intuitive cat I have ever met. I want her so badly.




We went on a walk around the town. It’s a super small town so it didn’t take long. I’ve always loved taking photos of signs. I don’t there’s something about it that just makes you feel like spontaneously going off on adventures.


Those are some of my photos from this month. I hope I’m getting better. Feel free to impart advice or just comment!



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