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Shadowhunters TV Show Premiere II My Thoughts


*duh duh duh duh duuuuhhhh*

That’s dramatic music if you guys didn’t realise.
Umm . . . yeah . . . I wasn’t sure how to type that.

Anyway, to the main point; SHADOWHUNTERS IS HERE!!! It kind of hit me the day before the premiere. I was like “Wow, that was quick.”

If you are Australian, don’t fret about missing out. You can watch the Pilot and Ep 2 on Netflix.

So my general thoughts are pretty low. I had super, super, super low expectations. I mean like ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ low. It exceeded those expectations but not by much. I’m still going to watch more of the series just because I’m curious about what direction it’s heading.

The acting is rudimentary and not very believable, so is the CGI and fight scenes. I’m just going to warn all of you who haven’t seen the show yet that it does not follow the book. I’ve accepted it and just gone with the flow. There are some aspects that stay true like the facts of the Shadowhunter world and the Circle. But I felt this book concentrated too much on making the actors look like their characters from the book but not enough on characterising them accurately. The only character who really shone for me was Simon. He was perfect. His lines, his acting, the was he delivered his personality was great. The moment he said his first line I was like ‘yep, that’s Simon.’

I really want to talk about Shadowhunters in some sort of organised fashion. I’m going to break it down character by character. That way I can also talk about the most memorable scenes (in a good and bad way).



Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

I didn’t like her at all. She just wasn’t characterised well. She wasn’t the sassy, naive, witty girl we know. Instead, she was slow and asked the same questions OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The relationship between Jace was just bland. I think the show try to to present some sort of chemistry but it just fell flat not only because it was way too fast but because the screenplay didn’t allow the two characters to develop something. In the books, Clary is distrust worthy of Jace and in return Jace thinks she’s a weak little girl so they both have these fun witty comebacks. We didn’t have that. Instead we got Clary going , “Hey Simon, look at this cute boy, he’s going to save my mum. Did I mention he’s cute?.” She just wasn’t presented as a strong female heroine. Instead she was too dependent on Jace. Also as a side note, THE CLOTHES SHE WAS WEARING. I think the Clary we know, would’ve worn tshirt and jeans as soon as possible. She seemed so comfortable in Izzy’s clothes when I know for sure that book Clary would be self-conscious AF.




Jace was blaaaaaand. He wasn’t arrogant or witty or self-obsessed. He was just nothing. He delivered his lines like a robot, his personality was boring and there was nothing interesting about him except his cool coloured eyes.


OMG, when he says ‘Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies since 1234’, I face-palmed. It took me about a minute to register what he said because he just delivered it like it was nothing. No intonation, facial expression, nothing. Nada, zilch, zero, NOTHING.




Someone was done right!!!

I’ve pretty much summed up my Simon feelings at the beginning. But yeah, he was exactly like Simon was supposed to be. He was funny, sassy, nerdy and FANTASTIC all in one. At the moment he is undoubtedly my favourite character.




They both definitely looked the part. Isabelle is gorgeous, Alec is dark & mysterious but I felt they both weren’t given enough time to shine – especially Alec. I understand that because they have limited time per episode so I’m patient for future episodes. But Isabelle I felt was characterised as the girly, sweet, flirty girl rather than the sarcastic, bad-ass she is. I don’t know, I can’t say too much when there’s more to come.




  • Super high-tech Clave headquarters? Wow. This going to take some time getting used to.
  • Portals look fake. Haha, Clary looks like she’s dissolving.
  • Maureen?! Whaaaaat? Jealous, much.
  • The Circle members can’t fight.
  • I like that Luke is black.
  • Me like the theme song. *hums along*
  • Why would vampires want the mortal cup?! A souvenir?
  • Nothing seems to be happening in these episodes.
  • Jace needs to smile.
  • Clary needs a back bone.
  • I want to marry Simon.
  • SIMON IS FUNNY, JACE!! *huffs*
  • Haha, that Pilot cliffhanger!!! Who shall I choose? Robot blond boy or funny best friend? She chooses robot blonde boy. 


So those were my fairly disorganised thoughts. I hope you guys can relate.

If you have any more thoughts, please comment below!!! I really want to discuss this with you guys!!






5 thoughts on “Shadowhunters TV Show Premiere II My Thoughts

  1. I literally just finished writing my post on this to go up on Wednesday! TWINNING AGAIN! but yeah your reactions are so funny and accurate. I wasn’t so disappointed since the movie took me to rock bottom anyway. But yeah what is with the high-tech Clave HQ? and I swear half the people are in there just to look pretty

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  2. I read an early review before watching so my expectations were low. The acting could do with some work and boy are they trying to cram a lot in really fast. I’m not sure how anyone who hasn’t read the books can understand what is going on. I agree with all you points – Simon is perfect, isn’t he?
    I’ve seen both episode now and though its not great, there is something really compulsive about it and I’m enjoy watching it and am curious to see where it is going to go.

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