Fangirl Weekly: Back Home!!!

Fangirl weekly

I’m so happy to be back home from overseas!

I returned home on Wednesday and man, it as been too long to be away from my beloved bed.

Whilst away at Indonesia/Singapore, the worst thing happened!!!
*gasp* *sobs* *gurgles weird desperate sound*

So we bought another one but it’s small Nikon which I didn’t particular like because I couldn’t manually choose any settings. But I made do.

Anyway, I came home with a ton of packages, some completely wrecked from the rain. Thank you postman for leaving them strewn all over the driveway – very smart of you.

This week was mainly filled with unpacking, reading, sleeping and writing. In a week, I’ll be back to school so wish me luck because this Summer has gone waaaay too fast.

On the Blog (2)

I’m just going to recap all my posts from my last weekly recap because I did not do any whilst I was away.
  • Book Review: Their Fractured Light (Starboard #3) by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
    Seriously one of my favourite concluding books in the world! Everything was tied up so cleanly with no compromise to an awesome, action-packed plot line and fantastic characters!
  • November Book Haul
    Woah, we’re going way back now. I got a heap of books during the month of November. My book-buying went just a little crazy. Just a little
  • Book Review: Mistletoe and Mr Right by Lyla Payne
    I reviewed two very sweet, very swoon-worthy Christmas themed romances. It’s a total happy pill.
  • My 2015 Highlights
    I flashbacked to all my 2015 memories, all regarding books, movies, TV and music. It was truly an awesome year for all of them. I might’ve fangirled a bit too much whilst writing this post.
  • Book Review: The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson
    My first Jandy Nelson!!! And man, was it heart-breaking yet swoon-worthy at the same time. I love the raw emotion and Lennie as a character. Plus, the love interest ain’t so bad either.
  • My Thoughts on the Shadowhunters Premiere
    Yeah. . .
    It was definitely interesting. The acting was pretty terrible, so was the CGI but I still recommend watching it if you want a laugh. I definitely did. Just watch it for Simon, he’s worth it.
  • Let’s Talk: School Reading
    I discussed my unpopular opinion of reading school designated books and how I don’t particularly enjoy it even as a bookworm. I promise I have valid reasons. I guess you’ll just have to check my post out to find out those reasons. Hehe.
  • Etsy Spotlight: BelleCardsandetc
    One of my best friends opened up an Etsy store where she sells her gorgeous artwork on cards. Her store Bellecardsandetc can be found HERE.

In the Bookish World

  • I think we’re all mourning Alan Rickman’s death. May he rest in peace, we will all definitely remember him and his superb acting.
  • Court of Mist and Fury Cover Reveal.
    The second ACOTAR book by Sarah J Maas now FINALLY has a cover!

    Isn’t it G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?!

    The Night tattoo looks super haunting and I’m so excited and super terrified about what’s going to go down in this book.

  • Tahereh Mafi New Book!!!
    You might know Tahereh Mafi as that gal who wrote the totally addicting triogy, Shatter Me. I engulfed these three books plus their novellas in three days. Not joking, that’s how action-packed and amazing it was.
    Anyway, I am super psyched to share with you that she’s releasing a new book named *dramatic music* FURTHERMORE. You can read more about it HERE.
  • More Shatter Me News!!!
    The series has been optioned for TV. I have no idea how I feel about it, I just hope that it won’t come out like Shadowhunters. A simple ask, right?
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie!!!
    Guys, I KNOW for sure that this film with the fantastic! It’s being directed by Tim Burton who is AMAZING and just imaging it, this book would be such a great film. Woo hoo!!! I’m so excited for when a trailer comes out. Someone let me know ASAP when that happens!



Currently Reading

Well, I have literally just finished Everything But The Truth by Mandy Hubbard. Thank you Bloomsbury for sending me this book!


But I am planning to start one of my school-designated books, Othello.
I would die without No Fear Shakespeare, it clears up all that confusing Shakespearean stuff for me.







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