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Book Review: Thicker Than Water by Brigid Kemmerer

About the Book

28250835Thicker Than Water
By Brigid Kemmerer

Allen & Unwin

Thomas Bellweather would never knowingly hurt someone he loved. But when his mother is murdered inside their locked house, he is the only suspect. Even his cop-stepdad can’t protect him forever in a new town where no one knows or trusts him.

The only person who believes him is Charlotte, sister to three protective cops and straight-up dangerous to Thomas. She knows there are pieces missing in the puzzle, and she’s determined to find them.

But finding things that are hidden could get them both killed.

Copy of About the Bookpurple3

Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy.

But in this instance, boy is a suspect in his own mother’s murder and girl is part of a male-filled protective family who just happens to all be policemen.

I wasn’t sure what I was diving into when I was started this book; all I knew that it ran along the lines of paranormal/crime thriller romance which this book definitely was. This book was simply one where you got all the entertaining action and romance and that was it. It doesn’t leave a lasting impression on you and neither do you attach to the characters. Thicker Than Water was enjoyable and interesting whilst reading but this is only short-lived.


The characters in this book held too much emotion and not enough logic. Everything was happening at the same time, the romance was developing quite swiftly and everyone’s emotions were always on a constant high. As the reader, I felt as if I didn’t get any time to just calm down, absorb and accept everything before the plot begun rolling again. Everything was just too emotional.

For a family of policemen, they were pretty shitty ones. The whole point of being one is to catch the bad guys based on evidence and substantial proof. There was none of it here. They were finding every reason to pick on Thomas, they were literally beating him around for whatever reason they could find. Thomas wasn’t being helpful, either. His emotions were on a total high and they were always the same: grief, anger, desperation. I understood that his mum had just died but he was such an emotional rollercoaster – so much that I just didn’t feel empathy for him anymore.


Charlotte was almost the same. She wasn’t an emotional wreck but she was pretty whiny. All throughout the book, she complains about people being overprotective over her and treating her like a helpless little girl. The problem is she kind of is. Even though Thomas is a good (ish) fellow; from a totally detached and logical perspective, it is pretty stupid to get all buddy buddy with a murder suspect. Sure she can fight pretty well and I admire that but she always runs back to that weak, “I need protecting” girl exterior afterwards. Also, Charlotte didn’t seem like a fully-formed character. She existed but she wasn’t vivid and her personality wasn’t as clear in the book as I wanted her to be.

Plot-wise, this book has a pretty decent pacing. Trying not to spoil anything, the paranormal element didn’t stand out to me. The ending felt pretty rushed, to explain everything since a good chunk of the book was spent on describing Thomas and Charlotte’s deep, emotional conversations and not enough on the actual core of the plot which was Thomas’ mother’s death.


All in all, a very entertaining book. A great book if you need something to pass that day or for a book hangover, something you don’t have to commit to since it isn’t a series. It’s a short read, I easily consumed it in a day. It’ll provide that instant interest and enjoyment without leaving you with a hangover afterwards.

Another side note, can someone please tell me what the link is between the title and the book? I see no relation between the two.




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