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Fangirl Weekly: One more day till school. . .

Fangirl weekly

Welcome back to the end of another week!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome week and if you didn’t, all I can recommend is Youtube, Spotify and Pinterest for obvious reasons. Search up Benedict Cumberbatch or SNL and they’re bound to give you a laugh or a swoon. Those are my healing potions.

I photographed another friend’s party yesterday night and I am ashamed to say they are pretty shitty photos. Is it normal for aspiring photographers to have an absolutely bad day? A couple of photos came out pretty well but that doesn’t cover up the fact that the rest of them were sooooo cringe-worthy horrible.

Anyway, school starts tomorrow for me. Not looking forward to it but I can’t do anything about it. It will be the start of my second last year of my high school years so WOOP WOOP, I’m almost there.

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In the Bookish World

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie
    I’ve been keeping up with the Fantastic Beasts movie because I am sooo FRIGGING excited for it. They just release a behind the scenes video and ARGHH, this movie is going to be sooooooo gooooood!!! JK Rowling wrote the screenplay and Eddie Redmayne is in it and that already guarantees a great movie!



Currently Reading

I have to read Sense & Sensibility for school and we all know what I feel about school reading. If you don’t, you can check you my rant about it HERE.

Thank you so much to Bloomsbury for Boy 23! I’m only about 100 pages in and it’s really intriguing, I can’t wait till everything ties together. I have a feeling there’s going to be some sort of plot twist.

And that was my week!







2 thoughts on “Fangirl Weekly: One more day till school. . .

  1. Ew back to school haha, I hope you had a good holiday! It’s back to work for me, but what’s new? 😛

    I just finished Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club and had a BLAST reading it. Totally not what I expected, I just loved the regency era.

    Hope you have a great week lovely xx

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