Let’s Talk: What It’s Like To Live In Your Head


It’s kind of cheesy and tumblr-esk to say that I live in my head a lot.

I don’t mean for it to be like that but I just do. I spend most of the time (if I’m not reading or on the internet) just listening to music and staring at the ceiling. Here’s a hint, my head isn’t in my room, its everywhere. I’m imagining myself marrying Prince Caspian and being Queen of Narnia or envisioning myself living on my own in a ratty apartment in New York which I oddly adore.

And this doesn’t just happen in my own bedroom, it happens everywhere. It’s obvious to say that I daydream a lot about the Doctor during class but even talking to people, I find myself drifting off and then when I snap back into reality, I pretend to totally know what they’ve been talking about. Even when I’m talking to guys, I’m not even listening to them, I normally find myself wondering why their eyebrows are so much better than mine. Can anyone answer that question for me????


Btw, I want you all to meet ‘I Don’t Know’. He’s my new cuddly toy. And yes, that is his name.

Since school is beginning to become serious because it’s my last years, I’m just tired of having to recognise reality. I’m so depressed by the fact that i can’t just step into my wardrobe and be in the land of magic and adventure. I’ve spent a lot of the last two weeks just losing myself in my writing, hoping that it will help with this unfortunate fact because once I stop furiously typing, I realise that this fantastical land only exists in my head.

It’s a really shitty feeling because I really hate reality. Not because I have a terrible life but mostly because there’s no such thing as magic, perfect guys and mystical lands. The only places I feel that everything is infinite and possible is (a) reading, (b) music and (c) dancing. There’s no easy way to say that I miss dancing a lot.

I don’t know, am I crazy???
Let me know in comments if you feel the same because at the moment I feel like forever remaining in my wardrobe demanding God to create Narnia.

PS. Everyone, you must watch Lindsey Stirling’s music video for Dragon Age. THAT is what I want life to be like.


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