Book Haul

December/January Book Haul


Bonjour Everyone!!!

February is just starting and I was thinking, “What better time is it to do a book haul?!”
I was overseas for the majority of December and January so I can’t really separate which books I received in December and which in January. No problem, though. Books are books and I like da books!

For Review


Thank you so much to Bloomsbury, Pan Macmillan and Allen & Unwin for this AWESOME pile of books!



I LOVED the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. Talk about sooooo much originality and the writing is gorgeously lyrical. I think the only let down was the ending. There was just this massive info dump that I think was supposed to be a plot-twist but there just wasn’t enough pages in the book to properly address that twist. And so the ending just felt anti-climatic for me.

I bought the Selection series purely because I own The Heir and I just needed to complete the series.

So that was two monthly book haul.




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