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Fangirl Weekly: First Week wasn’t so bad…

Fangirl weekly

First school back has ended and the next one is just about to start.

The first week was surprisingly really chill. Normally, the first week the teachers grill you to suss you out but I’ve been spending most of my afternoons reading and finishing some small homework. Of course, it doesn’t work that I have free periods to get all my work done. I’m doing both English and Math Extension and in NSW, Australia they both make up 2 units so I get to skip some classes. WOO HOO!!!

It’s kind of hard because I feel as if bibliophiles or people who love reading in general are supposed to be awesome at English but terrible Mathematics. Surprisingly, I enjoy both and I’m not too bad at them. I love English because you can never be completely wrong but then again, I enjoy Maths because there’s only one answer with multiple ways to do it. I don’t know, I’m strange in that way.

Now, let’s get on some bookalicious stuff!

On the Blog (2)

  • Let’s Talk: What It’s Like to Live in your Own Head.
    I babbled about what it’s like to be a dreamer who desperately yearns to live in fictional worlds. I was up really late at night pondering this and I believe that it is completely unfair that only one reality is available to us.
  • December/January Book Haul
    I posted my two monthly book haul because I had no idea which books I received in which month. But I am super proud of the books I received and excited for the reading year ahead.

In the Bookish World

  • ‘Me Before You’ Movie  Trailer
    The trailer for this adaptation was just released this week. The movie is based on the book by Jojo Moyes and I haven’t read this novel or anything by her but I heard this story is FABULOUS. And this movie looks soooo sweet and adorable. Plus, Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who is in it and so is Sam Claflin which are really the only reasons why I want to watch this film.

  • Tommy Wallach Coming Down Under!!!
    EEEK! I just heard that Tommy Wallach (you know that guy who wrote We All Looked Up) is coming down to Australia!!!! WOO HOO!!! He’ll be at Sydney Writer’s Festival which (of course) I’m going to. Whew. I have to stop and breath now. But OMG, how AMAZING is that?!

Currently Reading


I am astounded by the immense quirkiness and originality in this book!!! Both main characters are slightly egotistical but the rest of it is mesmerising and the writing is so different. This one will definitely be a fun one to review







2 thoughts on “Fangirl Weekly: First Week wasn’t so bad…

  1. Sounds like you had a successful first week! I’m actually quite terrible at maths myself, but it’s great that you are good at both! It’s exciting that Tommy Wallach is coming down but I don’t think I’ll get to see him because he isn’t coming to Brisbane sadly. Lovely wrap up Faith!

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