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Fangirl Weekly: I. Hate. Waking. Up. At. 6am.

Fangirl weekly

Story time!!!

As you can deduce from the title, it involves mornings .
What you should know about me is I HATE MORNINGS. More specifically, I HATE WAKING UP IN THE MORNING.

I’m a proudly nocturnal human being.

Anyway, since I doing two extension subjects at school, they involve early morning classes. That means that three days a week, I have to wake up at 6am to catch two buses to school. U.R.G.H

I’m going to have to do this for a year and I have no idea how long I’m going to last. I’m dreading tomorrow morning because guess what? I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 6AM ON A FREAKING MONDAY MORNING.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I’m happily single so I don’t really care. I just like the fact that chocolate is on sale.

On the Blog (2)

In the Bookish World

I heard no bookish news this week. But I have heard some awesome things about the following books:

These books kept popping up this week. All I heard was how out-of-this-world (haha, pun), Illumine was. I heard some pretty weird yet fascinating things at Lady Helen and the Dark Days club from the amazing peeps at Happy Indulgence. And people all over booktube are ranting about Passenger. Good thing I have all three books waiting on my shelf. I absolutely cannot wait to get to them!

Currently Reading


The AWESOME third book in the Colours of Madeleine! The first was A Corner of White and I finished The Cracks in the Kingdom yesterday. I’m so psyched to finish this trilogy because at the moment I have no idea where its heading. EEK!! The blog tour is coming up soon starting Feb 23rd. You can follow this awesomeness, info is below!
Can you spot my day?

A Tangle of Gold_Blog_Tour_Dates_160404


And that was my week!!!







4 thoughts on “Fangirl Weekly: I. Hate. Waking. Up. At. 6am.

  1. Ew mornings are the bane of my existence too. I have like the worst grumpy face every morning, which my boyfriend likes to laugh at. 😦 You know what has helped though, washing my face every morning with the Garnier foaming face wash, it does wonders!

    Lady Helen is amazing, and so is Illuminae!! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that. I’m currently reading Passenger, it’s okay so far. A bit slow to be honest, hopefully it starts to pick up!

    Have a lovely week xx

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