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Book Review: The Cracks in the Kingdom (Colours of Madeleine #2) by Jaclyn Moriarty


About the Book

8fb20580a45d11e48804db1f28318a79_content_smallThe Cracks in the Kingdom (Colours of Madeleine #2)
by Jaclyn Moriarty

Pan Macmillian

The second in Jaclyn Moriarty’s brilliant, acclaimed fantasy trilogy, THE COLORS OF MADELEINE!

Princess Ko’s been bluffing about the mysterious absence of her father, desperately trying to keep the government running on her own. But if she can’t get him back in a matter of weeks, the consequence may be a devastating war. So under the guise of a publicity stunt she gathers a group of teens — each with a special ability — from across the kingdom to crack the unsolvable case of the missing royals of Cello.

Chief among these is farm-boy heartthrob Elliot Baranski, more determined than ever to find his own father. And with the royal family trapped in the World with no memory of their former lives, Elliot’s value to the Alliance is clear: He’s the only one with a connection to the World, through his forbidden communications with Madeleine.

Through notes, letters, and late nights, Elliot and Madeleine must find a way to travel across worlds and bring missing loved ones home. The stakes are high, and the writing by turns hilarious and suspenseful, as only Jaclyn Moriarty can be.

Copy of About the Book


Another fantastic book with even more drama, confusing romantic relationships and inter-worldly awesomeness!!!

There’s something intriguing about this series. The covers are not fantastic (as my best friend points out every time I take out the book) and the premise is certainly original but there’s just this sparkle that draws you in every single time you read it. The writing is so amazingly different and nothing about the book’s characters or plot is bland.

Now let’s talk about specifics. In this book, more eesh happens. We learn that the royal family is in The World, Princess Ko gets even more crazier and desperate, Elliot’s hotness is described in even more detail and Madeleine learns that she is not the centre of the world.


It was super nerve wracking and exciting to see Elliot and Madeleine slowly discover ways around the crack – a lot of it science that I did not understand (there is a reason I dropped all Sciences). But nevertheless, it was exciting to see science come together with the simple act of believing. It was the perfect combination of science and fantasy. Whilst this happens, there is a growing connection (and romance?) between Elliot and Madeleine. I shipped them so hard but what was so different in this book was hoe the romance was written. You know in a book, especially in a YA one, you 100% know when the characters belong with each other and are totally going to get together? Well, in this one you have no idea. I shipped Elliot and Madeleine together but I never knew if that was how Moriarty wrote them. I kind of liked it though. She let us understand their relationship in our own way through the ambiguous way she wrote them.
Also because that whole Keira and Elliot scene totally threw me off.


Princess Ko was freaky AF in this book. She was this super agro blonde chick. Yeah I know, her family is missing but seriously, she could’ve toned it down. What did I think of Kiera? I mean, I liked her and I could totally relate to the fact that she has acne but she was strange. She was a night owl (like me) but everything about her was overly intense. Samuel was just annoying in general and by the end of it, I didn’t feel much for him. I just ignored him as a character (um, oops?)

Holy. Crap. Elliot is in The World now!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! But I’m kind of suspicious of his dad. I think there’s some sort of conspiracy and that Denny is part of the Hostiles. Hmmm, some iffy things are going on….

All in all, a great sequel!!! It is definitely a memorable series with underrated hype. Seriously, how is this not the biggest series at the moment?! Come one on people!!! It needs more hype!!!





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