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Jan/Feb Playlist

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Jeez, I haven’t done one of these in a couple months.

Well music has never left despite the fact that I haven’t shared anything. No fear, there has still been some awesome music.

Hope you enjoy this month’s playlist!

1. You’ll Be in My Heart – Phil Collins

Ahhh, rediscovering classic Disney tunes. This one is definitely one! I actually forgot that this even existed until I was just listening to a playlist and this one played. I forgot how much I loved Tarzan and adored this song! Such a movie classic!

2. Chocolate – The 1975

Talk about another rediscovery. I forgot how the opening of this open sparks little dancing people inside me. It’s such a perfect summer tune or even just to reflect back on your summer memories.

3. Seventeen – Alessia Cara

Ahhh, so danceable!!! I like a lot of her songs actually – that perfect combination of dance/pop/indie/moody. Seriously, this song just makes me dance around like a lunatic around my room.

4. Best Fake Smile – James Bay

ANOTHER PERFECT SUMMER SONG. The melody is super upbeat but the message is also relatable. But I just love James Bay in general. You have to admit, his conditioner game looks on point.

5. Papaoutai – Stromae

Probably my favourite French artist at the moment. All his music is upbeat and easily danceable but they all have heavy subject matter. His songs are about racism, terrorism, growing up without a father, feminism. It’s awesome! Upbeat music about social justice is my cup of tea!

Those were my most prominent tracks from the last two months! I hope you discovered something you loved and let me know what you think of my taste of my music




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