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Blog Tour: A Tangle of Gold (Colours of Madeleine #3) by Jaclyn Moriarty



About the Book

255785581A Tangle of Gold (Colours of Madeleine #3)
by Jaclyn Moriarty


For fans of Lev Grossman and Deborah Harkness, this funny, suspenseful, and totally original fantasy comes to its brilliantly colorful conclusion.

Cello is in crisis. Princess Ko’s deception of her people has emerged and the Kingdom is outraged: The Jagged Edge Elite have taken control, placing the Princess and two members of the Royal Youth Alliance under arrest and ordering their execution; the King’s attempts to negotiate their release have failed. Color storms are rampant, and nobody has heard the Cello wind blowing in months.

Meanwhile, Madeleine fears she’s about to lose the Kingdom of Cello forever. Plans are in place to bring the remaining Royals home, and after that, all communication between Cello and the World will cease. That means she’ll also lose Elliot, now back in Cello and being held captive by a branch of Hostiles. And there’s nothing he can do to help his friends unless he can escape the Hostile compound.

Worlds apart and with time running out, Madeleine and Elliot find themselves on a collision course to save the Kingdom they love, and maybe even save each other.

Copy of About the Book


Welcome to this awesome, much anticipated blog tour!!!

Woo hoo!!! You’ve probably (if not well. . . this is awkward) seen me posting my reviews for the previous two books which were creatively fantastic!

Now, this third book was such a satisfying and action-packed conclusion to this series. I have to say, this is unlike any series I had ever read, IN A GOOD WAY. It’s so creative, the world is so vivid and imaginative, the plot is one hell of a ride and everything just ties together so nicely.


It was fun to read about Elliot and Madeleine in different environments. At the beginning we have both of them in The World and we didn’t see them interact as much as we wanted to because Elliot doesn’t fully understand who he actually is and Madeleine is trying to give him space because of that. So I was a little frustrated because I was mainly going ‘Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!’ 



But when Elliot is with the rebels and we have that plot twist with Madeleine (TOTALLY SAW THAT COMING), everything starts rolling and I couldn’t tear myself from the fast-paced yet lyrically written plot line. I loved seeing Elliot and Madeleine begin to make thought-out decisions and become mature versions of themselves. Beginning of the series, they’re both very immature and they both still feel a bit like children asking random questions and bring up weird facts but in this book, they step into their responsibilities and they both finally have purpose.

The majority of the book is set in the Kingdom of Cello. The atmosphere still remains very fantastical but there’s some more serious undertones. The rebels have legit reason about why they want to overthrow the royals and at the same time, we read more about the dysfunctional royal family. They hardly ever see and know each other, the royals never really run the country and it’s all very new. We pretty much learn more about everything!



That was what I thought was the highlight of the novel!

Let’s take a quick moment to talk more about Jack and Belle! I have always loved these two characters! They’re so quirky and insightful. Jack with his past life and Belle with her auras – not only are they unique but they are hilarious. AND KIERA?! Man, she is just awesome!! I love that she found someone in the book who she was able to connect with. Eek, I’m so happy for her!

All in all, this book was by far the best! So much more action and character-building. This trilogy is definitely unlike any other. The originality and creativity and even the characters is something so memorable. NOW GO READ IT!


There’s my review.

This blog tour has been unravelling into something amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of it. Thank you sooo much to Pan Macmillan for giving me the opportunity and organising everything!

You guys can check it out below!

A Tangle of Gold_Blog_Tour_Dates_160404.jpg


And BONUS, here’s a free bookmark you can print!






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