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Let’s Talk || Photography Problems


Yes, taking photos is soooooooo difficult.

If you guys didn’t detect my sarcasm . . . well, it was.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a complainer but there are just some problems that just give me anxiety when I take photos. It’s just something you get used but it doesn’t matter because they always pop up and I’m left going ‘ARGH!’

So, sit back and relax whilst I give you a list of problems.

  1. Constant Insecurities

Every time someone asks to see the photos, every time I post the photos, even every time I take a photo, there’s this annoying yappy sound in my mind that goes, “OMG, what if this shot is going to be absolutely terrible?! OMG, they’re going to hate the photos! OMG, I will never have a life! OMG, I suck!!!”


               2. Privacy: does it exist?

The thing with street photography is most of the time you’re photographing strangers. There’s no actual law against it in NSW as far as I know but when you’re posting them, there’s this guilt that just sits in your stomach. Even if they’re in the background, the guilt still exists. It’s weird and I feel like I’m invading someone’s right but the moment must be captured!!!


               3. Editing is a looong and tedious process

IT TAKES AAAAAGESSSS!!! It normally takes me about 3-4 hours straight, depending on how many photos. I’m the sort of person who wants to get all the work done as soon as possible without any break so I’m on my laptop all night, furiously editing each photo, making sure everything is as perfect as possible. It’s annoying and frustrating but honestly, so satisfying when it turns out well.


              4. Uploading takes waaaay too looong

Photos taken from DSLR camera are pretty high quality so the files are big. When I’m uploading them online, on dropbox or on google drive for people to finally see, it literally takes all night to upload. I make sure all the files are uploading, plug my laptop to the charger and leave it all night whilst I sleep. It takes that long. One day, I want someone to invent something to make it go faster – preferably no time at all.


     5. Bringing a camera EVERYWHERE

. . .is freaking heavy. I end up carrying two bags; my camera bag and my normal bag. Most of the time, the camera is around my neck so I end up carrying all this stuff that just weighs me down. It’s heavy, annoying, bulky but absolutely necessary. My shoulder ache by the end of the day but honestly, there is no way am I bringing my camera without the bag.


          6. My camera is my bae

SO NO TOUCHY. I am so protective over my camera. No one touches it unless I’m there, right next to you, watching your every move. I internally growl when someone asks for my camera. If they’re asking to take photos on it, the answer is normally no because come on, this thing is more complicated than it looks. But if they’re asking to look at the photos, I’m so, so, so cautious. It’s a yes with a very slow action of handing over the camera in the safest way properly.


Those are pretty much the main issues I deal with when I take photos. It’s a tough hobby to have, people.

Can you guys relate?



11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk || Photography Problems

  1. I can totally relate to a lot of this! I always feel like my photos are no good, so I hate when anyone asks to look at them, and I totally get what you mean with the whole ‘people in the background and privacy thing’. I always feel kind of bad about that too, because it would freak me out to think I’m in the background of loads of other people’s photos!
    My main frustration with photography though is simply my inability to grasp the settings. I’ve had a DSLR for over a year now, and have read loads of books and blog posts and stuff about how to use aperture, shutter speed etc., and whilst I feel like I know the theory, my photos still never come out how I want them and it is so annoying!
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Whew, I’m so glad I’m not alone! It took me aaaages to get a basic grasp of dslr settings. I’m still half kind-of-get-it and completely-confused. What totally helps for me is program mode. It looks like a P on the dial. It sets everything automatically for you but if you still don’t like something, you can still manually set aperture or shutter speed. Thank you!!


  2. OH MY GOSH! Exactly my sentiments. I totally overthink every time I have thoughts on sharing my photos I mean I have a couple of photographer friends and I’m scared by their judgements. But oh well, I’m not a professional photographer haha. Really great post!

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  3. Great post! I feel a little less crazy about my photography now. It can take so long to edit and upload them. When I take pictures, I try to take several of each angle ’cause I’m afraid one isn’t going to come out good enough. May I ask what kind of DSLR camera you have? I’m in desperate need of an upgrade. 🙂

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    1. ME TOO!! I like take 50 of each shot at every angle possible, just to make sure I can get the best shot. At the end of the day I end up with hundreds of photos to go through. My dslr is a pretty old-ish model. It’s the canon 600d. Thank you!!!


  4. Okay, sorry I didn’t have time to comment but I just remembered to! (Please excuse my strange commenting habits).

    Sadly, I couldn’t related because my camera is those point-and-shoot ones but I really want to upgrade to a fancy DSLR!! 😀 Question is: Nikon or Canon? It’s always a worldwide debate. Even though they’re super heavy and you have to get used to the controls, I’d love one! Honestly, in photography class, I spend an hour trying to figure out why the photos are still so over exposed or just way too bright even when I’ve messed with ALL the functions and options. It’s really frustrating. There’s about a billion different buttons to mess with. Also, it’s a hassle to edit so usually I just ditch it hahaha. But yeah, though I’m late, I loved this post! And people think I’m SO ANNOYING because like I said before I’d stop for the smallest of things to take a photo of it and at the end I’d have a billion shots of the same thing and I would always be the last person and everyone has to wait and they’re like HURRY UP!!!! ANYWAYS. Yeah, that’s a struggle. Sorry for the rant too haha. It’s impulsive.

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      It took me a while to figure out all the settings and be comfortable using manual mode. I just read article upon article. Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea for a post: AHA!
      That’s me as well!! I’m like, ‘STOP, EVERYONE STAY JUST WHERE YOU WHERE, I NEED A PHOTO!’ It pays off though when the photo turns out well.

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      1. YAYYY THANKS! 😛
        Yeaaaa, oh my life, settings are the death of me. I pushed all the buttons from ISO to white balance to exposure but my photo for some reason was STILL too bright and I just got so frustrated. Things like that make me lose my patience so easily. WOOO FOR PHOTOGRAPHY POSTS! (I definitely should post some still and I haven’t hahaha)
        I know! Usually everyone is way to impatient too to wait for me since it happens every time we go out to somewhere cool. But I have this one friend that’s also into photography like me so when we go out together it becomes this mini competition to see who finds the coolest things to catch their eye first. It gets annoying haha. Okay but I’m still unsure whether to invest in Canon or Nikon and there’s just TOO MANY MODEL CHOICES! It’s soooo stressful.

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