Let’s Talk || Being a Young Blogger

Being a Young Blogger

I’ve always loved books and it was only recently that I started blogging and in my opinion, I thought I was starting it too late. Everyone else had been doing it for years and I was still this amateur who tended to babble in her reviews than write systematic fangirling rants – Emily @ Loony Literate TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.


I realised something at my first blogger’s event – that I was probably one of the youngest in this community. I’m still in high school, I’m not a university intellectual or a Mum who enjoys the genre or even a professional in the literary world.

I’m a sixteen year old girl with more books in her room than the amount of students in her high school. Yes, my school is that tiny.

But being a young blogger is really weird because I’m not a big, successful blogger with business cards for their social media but neither am I a stable adult with a blog and a large following. In short, I am such an amateur. I feel uncomfortable going up to bloggers I recognise at events because a) I’m not a recognisable blogger, b) what happens next? And c) general social anxiety.


I know that being part of the community even virtually should be enough but urggghhhh, it requires so much effort. Commenting requires time because I still have school work and stuff and I ALWAYS forget that I should be commenting and interacting with other bloggers. I’ve heard being active on social media is important but a) I don’t have Twitter and I don’t know if I want it and b) I ALWAYS forget to post photos on Instagram. Every other form of social media I just use to re-post reviews.

Even having to email publicists, I get this little bout of worry because I’m so young and these people are so professional in their field.

I also keep putting off deciding to have a co-blogger because it’s like saying, this blog is serious and professional. I’m pretty scared of that because then what started as a hobby can explode into something serious. It’s the same with choosing to self-host and perhaps hire a website designer. All this comes with the pressure to actually build a professional and successful blog that has to turn into some sort of business.

In summary, I have no freaking idea on how to be a pro blogger.

But that’s fine, right?

You’d think so but when you see all the other bloggers and booktubers with their shit together, you can’t help but think if I should be doing the same.





9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk || Being a Young Blogger

  1. As you know I’m definitely not a teenager but you definitely shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because you don’t have business cards or a large following! At the end of the day, we all love books and we all come from different walks of life which is what makes blogging so wonderful.

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  2. Hi! I stumbled across this post via Bloglovin and felt I should put my two cents in.

    I am FAR from being a teen, but I still feel very much the amateur myself. I’m not very active on social media (every now and then I crawl out of my hidey hole and talk to people on twitter…but it’s rare); I’ve yet to send out emails to publishers. I don’t think this is AT ALL a bad thing–I have a full time job and a husband and a LIFE outside of the internet (at least, that’s the lie I tell myself) so I do what I can and, at the end of the day, I do what I’m passionate about.

    Really, in the end, I think that’s all that matters–doing what you LOVE to do. Everything else? Minor in comparison. So don’t feel bad–you’re not alone in this at all!

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    1. Hi! Nice to e-meet you!!
      Reminding myself that I’m doing this because it’s my passion, is something I have to remind myself everyday. Thank for chipping in your two cents!!! It was worth like a hundred bucks!

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