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Forgetting Foster || Dianne Touchell


About the Book copy

Forgetting Foster | REVISED FINAL COVER x 2 (18 April 2016)Forgetting Foster
by Dianna Touchell

RRP: $19.99

Allen & Unwin

Foster suddenly recognised the feeling that rolled over him and made him feel sick. It was this: Dad was going away somewhere all on his own. And Foster was already missing him.

Foster Sumner is seven years old. He likes toy soldiers, tadpole hunting, going to school and the beach. Best of all, he likes listening to his dad’s stories.

But then Foster’s dad starts forgetting things. No one is too worried at first. Foster and Dad giggle about it. But the forgetting gets worse. And suddenly no one is laughing anymore.

A heartbreaking story about what it means to forget and to be forgotten.

About the Book



The front cover has a hole on in the middle but the page after has the rest of the cover!!!! IT’S SO COOL!!! AHHHH, I love it so much!

Ok, that short rant is over.


This novel is very much heart-breaking. The book documents 7 year old Foster Summer’s experience as he watches his father struggle with Alzheimer’s. It was interesting to read as not many Young Adult novels cover this particular subject but this was done particularly well. Since this book is written through the eyes of an innocent seven year old, you learn that children are much smarter and intuitive than we give credit for. He is constantly brushed aside by the adults around him and as the story progresses, your heart slowly becomes a pile of shards.

Foster talks about his father’s influence in his life. The stories he tells, the way he talks, the birthdays they spend together, their weekend morning pancake rituals: in short, Foster’s Dad is the father of your dreams. It warms your heart that Foster has such great parents. His mother and his father are immensely in love and the love they provide for their child is just beautiful but once the news breaks and we begin to see the beginning of his dad’s illness, the tears begin to fall.


As well as Foster’s experience, we are show his mother’s who runs around the house taking care of him, labelling cupboards, placing alarms at every entry and exit to the house, becoming frustrated with the immense responsibility, picking up new shifts at work and exhausting herself. You know what I mean by heart-breaking. Their family soon breaks down. Foster’s aunt enters the picture and she’s one of those sassy, cynical aunts that we all want. But essentially, the family dynamic changes. The father is treated like an invalid, Foster is swept aside in the angst and frustration and the mother is concentrated in nothing but protecting her husband. It’s a very emotional read, especially with Foster’s innocent point of view.

The plot moves pretty fast as it’s a short read but it’s the perfect length. The writing is like smooth chocolate, it just basks you in emotion. It sure is a read that will make you ponder on the fragility of life. There is no happy ending for a book as real as this but it’s insightful, emotional and beautifully written. Round of applause!



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