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The Boundless Sublime || Lili Wilkinson


About the Book copy

9781760113360The Boundless Sublime
by Lili Wilkinson

RRP: $19.99

Allen & Unwin

Ruby Jane Galbraith is an ordinary girl seeking peace in the wake of family tragedy. Her search leads her into a community that seems guided by love. And it’s only after she’s drawn into its web that she learns its sinister secrets.

Ruby Jane Galbraith is empty. Her family has been torn apart and it’s all her fault.

The only thing that makes sense to her is Fox – a gentle new friend who is wise, soulful and clever, yet oddly naive about the ways of the world. He understands what she’s going through and he offers her a chance to find peace. Fox belongs to a group called the Institute of the Boundless Sublime – and Ruby can’t stay away from him. So she is also drawn into what she discovers is a terrifying, secretive community that is far from the ideal world she expected.

Can Ruby find the courage to escape? Is there any way she can save Fox too? And is there ever an escape from the far-reaching influence of the Institute of the Boundless Sublime?

About the Book


Like actually: what just happened? Am I still alive? Oh shit. I’m dead aren’t I? That’s why I’m panicking.

No, I’m panicking because this book was so FRICKING FANTASTIC.

OMG, Ruby. OMG, Fox.



Okay, I’m calm now (kind of). No, not really but I must be calm and rational to write the rest of this review. Breathe. Okay.

This book is amazing, okay? The story gets rolling from the beginning so once we meet Ruby who’s just trying to get back into life from the death of her Father, I immediately sympathised with her. This is definitely not an average story about grief and loss since Ruby not only finds consolation in the sweetest hottie out there, Fox but also the lil’ club he’s part of. I have to say the originality in this book is on point.


I understood why the Boundless Sublime was so attractive to her. The prospect of peace and purifying yourself of anything bad kind of makes sense when we live in a world where McDonalds exist and where also, conflicts seem to rage anywhere. Despite that, there was this nagging thing in my head that just knew that the Boundless Sublime was not as good as it made out to be.

THE HORRORS. OH THE HORRORS. What cults do to people are undoubtedly terrible and reading Ruby’s experience with it just cemented that. She’s doubtful from the beginning and rightly so. Then the so called ‘peaceful’ atmosphere doesn’t take long to turn dark as she’s reigned in even further to believe that the immense amount of salt she’s consuming is good for her and that she should give up attraction to anyone. The brainwashing was unbelievable not only because the things they were trying to push onto her were insane but because they made the insane seem sane. I CRIED AND YELLED when she was believing more and more of it and in doing so, pushed Fox away.

Okay, let’s take a quick moment to admire Fox. His curiosity and sheer kindness is what bought me straight away. Firstly, PLEASE FIND ME A GUY LIKE THIS but secondly, watching him grow doubtful of the institution he was born into made me proud. Character developments are probably the most enjoyable and entertaining to read for me. I love watching characters change for the good and it kills me to watch them change for the bad. But Fox’s development was BEAUTIFUL. He maintained his faithfulness and honesty whilst still trying to find what was right and wrong. Ahhhh, such a bae.


All in all, such a fantastic book with an original story that’s been crafted with even more fantastic characters whipped up with the most lyrical kind of writing. I hope I get to read more of Wilkinson’s work in the future.




3 thoughts on “The Boundless Sublime || Lili Wilkinson

    1. My school is kind of run by a cult so I totally related to this book soooo much. I can understand the disbelief but it’s so crazy what people will believe. Thanks Emily!


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