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Fangirl Recap:

Fangirl Weekly

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a recap but now seems like a good time to do it because there’s A LOT to recap. Also, I’m just procrastinating until I need to write reviews. Those are exhausting to write.

I’ve had a pretty uneventful month. I dyed my hair turquoise then a few weeks later I dyed it blue and I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!! Unfortunately, my fascist school caught me and demanded me to dye it back to a ‘natural colour’. Well, it’s back to normal now to my aching heart’s complaints. I swear I might just have a nervous breakdown soon.

Anyway, let’s move on to the recap, shall we?

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In the Bookish World

  • Happy Birthday Cursed Child!!

    harry-potter-cursed-child-final-coverThe much anticipated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was released a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure to read it yet but I’ve heard some pretty good things about it. Personally, I would prefer to watch the play than to read it just because I’ve heard even better things about the London play.

  • San Diego Comic Con 2016

Oh man, this year’s Comic Con was HELLA EXCITING. I wish I didn’t live a world away from America, I would’ve done almost anything to go and watch all my favourite fandoms come to life!! I did follow it virtually, though. It was closest I could’ve gotten. My most anticipated trailers were released and there was a lot of squealing and hyperventilating involved.

Justice League Trailer


The highlight for me definitely The Flash. I’m not mad that Grant Gustin wasn’t cast as the character in the film because the movie and tv are both different versions of the character and I think Ezra Miller is definitely perfect as The Flash in a darker world. Grant Gustin always has my heart though but one has to admit, The Flash on TV is a lot more immature with how he handles situations.

The Flash Season 3 Trailer


This season is definitely going to have a waaaayyyy different feel to the last two seasons. Cisco as a billionaire is what I’m looking forward to watching because he deserves so much spotlight. Though, I can’t wait to see how Barry Allen’s time meddling is going to affect everything. Damn it, Barry, you have to stuff everything up.

A four-show (musical?) crossover was also announced at Comic Con between The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. HOLY SHIT, this is what I’ve been wanting!!!

Wonder Women Trailer


First, Gal Gadot’s eyebrows are out-of-this-world AMAZING!!! Secondly, I cannot explain my excitement for this female-focused superhero movie. I applaud DC for beating Marvel at it. Come one, give Black Widow her own movie already!!

Doctor Strange Trailer


Was anyone else reminded of Inception with all those rolling buildings??? This struck me as very different kind of Marvel movie. Anything to do with parallel universes will pull me in so this ticks all my boxes. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch. No explanation needed.

Sherlock Season 4 Trailer


How long have we waited for season 4?! Even I’ve lost track, I’ve given up holding my breath for Sherlock to return. But finally, we have a decent glimpse for what we’re in for and OMG, Moriarty is coming back bigger and better!!!

Currently Reading


I’m only a few chapters in. I’m hoping it’ll keep me busy till Witch’s Pyre by Josephine Angelini arrives in my mail box BECAUSE THAT CLIFFHANGER AT THE END OF FIRE-WALKER WAS NOT FUNNY.

Recap done!!!

I hope you all enjoyed those movie trailers. Next year is definitely going to be the best. Plus I’ll be graduating which will be an extra bonus.





5 thoughts on “Fangirl Recap:

  1. WAIT WHAT WHAT WHAT, there’s a Sherlock trailer? *literally runs to Youtube* Oh my goshhhhhh I’m so excited. Fangirling hard right now.

    But like, how dumb of your school. There were tons of people in my high school with hair all kinds of interesting and excellent colours (though my fascist work would probably not let us have “unnatural” colours).


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