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Fire-Walker || Josephine Angelini


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25394030Fire-Walker (The Worldwalker #2)
by Josephine Angelini

RRP: $16.99

Pan Macmillan

Lily Proctor has made it back to her own universe, and it’s finally time for her and Rowan to be happy and relax. True, she almost died in the Pyre that fueled their escape, and they must hide her new magic for the safety of the world, but compared to fighting the monstrous Woven and leading armies in the alternate Salem, life is looking good.

‘You think I’m a monster, but my choices, as ruthless as they seem, are justified.’

Unfortunately, Lillian, ruthless ruler of the 13 Cities, is not willing to let Lily go that easily. Lily is the closest version of herself she’s ever seen in all her worldwalking, and Lillian’s running out of time. If she can’t persuade Lily and Rowan to return to her world, she’ll have to find a way to make them come back.

About the Book




I’m REALLY struggling to be spoiler-free but OMFG, everything was going pretty well until FREAKING LILY!!!

The book begins just as book 1 left off. Rowan and Lily are back Lily’s original world. Lily is healing from some intense burns and Rowan is fascinated by this new world where he can find out anything he wants without leaving the room. But not all is well. A particularly insistent FBI agent is not believing their cover up reason for Lily’s absence, Carrick is back to hunt Lily and it doesn’t help that she’s in contact with crazy Lily. Soon, best friend/fuckboy, Tristan and other friends, Una and Breakfast are drawn in the couple’s crazy magic lives. It doesn’t take long before everyone realises that they must go back to save Salem from crazy-let’s-kill-everyone Lily.

I find that it’s always the second book a trilogy where the romantic relationship is at its highest and lowest. Highest because they’ve decided to try to be together but also the lowest because one or both of them has personally decided to harbour secrets. Does everyone ignore the fact that HONESTY IS KEY ELEMENT TO EVERY GOOD RELATIONSHIP??!!! There was no reason why Lily couldn’t just share her creepy mind conversations with crazy Lily with Rowan. I don’t see anyone reason why he couldn’t of helped her through it. This was undoubtedly the most frustrating part throughout the story for me. About halfway through, it was established that crazy Lily’s cause was a good one but her method was – in simple terms – crazy. It would not be hard or irrational to tell Rowan about this. Who cares about crazy Lily?? SHE’S CRAZY, REMEMBER?!


Other than that frustrating aspect, I enjoyed Fire-Walker as much as I enjoyed every Angelini novel. Her story premises are always original and entertainingly carried out. Her character interactions are always so funny and the light banter never seems to fail. I loved watching Rowan find his way in our world and I loved seeing our new characters in the new world. We find out about Alaric’s secret agenda. We have another crazy character on our hands who plans to bomb everyone just to take out to Woven. It’s probably the dumbest idea anyone could come up with. It’s such a short-minded plan with DISASTROUS consequences, I completely agreed with Lily’s disapproval but I WAS disappointed in Rowan. Dude, I know crazy Lily gave you trust issues but can’t you see that not-crazy Lily is making sense?! At the same time, she had that opportunity to show him everything but ‘blah blah blah, I’m protecting him’ stopped her. That reasoning doesn’t stick with my anymore.

AND THAT ENDING?! OMG, I need the last book now because firstly,  I just need everything to be okay and secondly, there’s another city?! I’m still really confused about that last scene though. So, they were fighting the Hive but at the end, the Hive ended up saving them? That scene was pretty rushed and I wish it slowed down so I could follow all the action. I hope everything is answered ASAP in the next book because there are alot of things that need to be cleared up. And also, WAS ROWAN FOLLOWING THEM?! Does that mean he believes her? Does that mean he trusts her? Will their relationship be alright? Gosh, I really hope so.


Another awesome, action-packed, emotional read by Angelini. The book had me in the beginning and it still hasn’t let me go. Talk about a massive book hangover, I am in need of The Witch’s Pyre now!



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