The War on Women || #3 Religion & Feminism

The War on Women- Our Fight Back

Apparently, God is a misogynist.

I don’t think so. I think stupid people have used religion to their advantage for money, power and other sick things. I have to agree with all the Church’s bad rep though. It makes me sick and yes, sometimes, ashamed to be a Catholic.

During the 1930s – 1970s, laundry houses run by nuns all over Ireland were places for women who had ‘lived a life of sin’. They were typically girls who were pregnant out of wedlock or who were considered too strong headed. After a few years, the children were normally re-named and adopted without permission, leaving their mothers with not only a missing child but also no information on how to get them back. Women were typically beaten by nuns and raped by priests. Mass graves of babies and young women have been found behind these laundry houses – women who have died in childbirth or were beaten to death. ‘The War on Women & the Brave Ones Who Fight Back’ dedicates a chapter on these ‘Fallen Women’ recounting the personal experiences of many and revisiting these laundry houses and the mass graves. It’s horrific and honestly, unforgivable. I shed a few tears. How do you maintain your faith when you know that there are people who share it that have done such unforgivable things.?

So, can religion and feminism be consolidated?

So far, there aren’t many feminist icons who are Christian/Catholic so there’s not really an example of how two of these things can come together. After googling, nothing really answers my question.

But Malala Yousafzai is probably the best example of how someone can do this.

“Muslim girls and women around the world [her story] is more than just a tale of survival. … [It] is proof that feminism, or the desire for equality through education and empowerment, is not the terrain of any one culture or faith.”

I say this quote includes girls and women from any other faiths and backgrounds as well. Tradition should just remain simply because its tradition. Times change. On the other side of this, people argue that right and wrongs don’t change and I agree but some things which were considered right and wrong aren’t actually so. Women were believed to be weaker then men, thus forcing them into positions no human should be in and that used to be considered right. Some people fail to realize that when times change, you learn. We learnt that men and women are equal.

I’m a Catholic and the Church’s disapproval of contraception is something I can’t wrap my head around, no matter how many priests I’ve asked. Additionally, also the ban of women priests is something I don’t particularly agree with. I’m pretty sure the Bible didn’t explicitly say anything against women becoming priests. Just because the 12 apostles were the first ones doesn’t mean the next bunch have to be the same. But then again, I might be wrong. We might all be wrong.
I believe in God but at the same, I have chosen what and what I don’t believe in. You don’t let faith to make all the decisions for you, you have to make them yourself. So far, that’s how I’ve coped with being a feminist and a Catholic at the same time.

I don’t know if any of you have watched Philomena but it’s a film about one of the women who are victims of the houses in Ireland who is trying to find her son. It is incredible how this women who has survived indifference and cruelty from nuns and priests has still maintained her faith. After the movie, I was just so angry but the women was so calm and forgiving. HOW?!

Well, that’s something I still have to work on.

2 more days till ‘The War on Women & The Braves Ones Who Fight Back’ Release.




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