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Fangirl Recaps || So happy I could explode!

Fangirl Weekly

Exams are over, year 11 is done and exams are over.
I’ve never been this happy!!!

It seems like the sort of thing you look forward to every year when you finish off another school year with your middle finger up accompanied with that cynical yet youthful attitude. If you’re not a Sydney-an, our last school year is called your HSC (High School Certificate) and it’s hella stressful because everything seems to bank on whatever you do that year. It’s a pretty much a year of no life and all study. So, this holidays will be my last real break. Plus, I just got my license so BEEAACCCHHH….

I have a full two weeks of catching up on my photography and my reading. PURE FREEDOM. Actually on second thought, pure freedom will come after high school is over. Plus, this free time will give me time to compile my book haul. That is going to be a mess because my bookshelf is so disorganised. You know when you’re out of space and everything is just packed together to maximise space? Yeah, it’s stressing me out. #suchanerd

On the Blog (2)

In the Bookish World

  • New Moana Trailer

I know Moana isn’t bookish news but it’s MOANA!!! Tell me someone who is not excited about Moana!!! Firstly Auli’i Cravalho is gorgeous and she seems so sweet! Secondly, ahem Dwayne Johnson. AND LIN MANUEL IS WRITING THE MUSIC!!! This movie is everything I want and need right now- adventure, a tropical environment and Lin Manuel Miranda.

  • Throne of Glass TV Show Confirmation

Maas’ AWESOME Throne of Glass series has just confirmed that it’s being adapted into a TV show by Hulu and Mark Gordan Company. Honestly, I personally don’t want this series to be adapted into a movie or a TV show. I want them to leave it in all it’s awesomeness. Plus all the casting and tweaked storylines will mess with my brain. It’s a purely selfish reason but PLEEAASSSEEE DON’T!

You can read all the details in the link HERE.

Currently Reading


I’ve literally just started but so far, it’s very melancholic. At the moment, I’m unable to relate because the main characters are mainly middle aged or elderly. So yeaaahhh, as a 16 year old I have no experience of raising a family, selling a home or all the grown up stuff.

See you everyone!!! 
Going to continue listening to the In The Heights cast recording because Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lyrical and life lesson genius!



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