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Let’s Talk || My Photography Journey


When I was ten, I wanted a camera for my birthday and I got one. For the next two weeks, all I did was find things to take photos of – my backyard, my brother, my bedroom. It only lasted two weeks because my brother and I broke it playing around. I KNOW RIGHT, WE WERE SO DUMB.

So this hobby went ignored until my Dad bought the camera I use now, a Canon 600d kit, equipped with the body and two kit lenses. My Dad is the sort of person who goes through numerous hobbies. He has a very limited attention span so anything he gets into he REALLY gets into until he discovers another thing to attract his attention. So when he grew tired of photography, I picked it up, taking the camera as my own and going out to explore my own style. I started doing that the mid last year and now, I haven’t really stopped.

Though I didn’t know if my style laid with nature or landscapes or parties. So I did everything. I took photos at the parties of my friends, any time I went out to the city I took my camera to try some street photography and some times I would just go to my backyard or the park to try out some up close up nature shots. Then one day, some friends and I went out to the city and somehow we ended up having a little photo shoot because they’re hipster gorgeous and I am not.


IMG_0288 (3)

IMG_0320 (3)
IMG_0057 (3).png


Portraits and fashion photography was where my style lay!!! YAY!!! From there, I did a bunch of research on portraits. I found Jessica Whitaker, a portrait photographer who has a Youtube channel which has been my bible. She’s taught me little things like using a leaf or flower in front of your lense or how you should tell your models to pose. OMG, she’s the best and soooo funny. Any of you who wants tips on photography, her channel is HERE. You NEED to watch her videos because URGH, she’s amazing.

And after that, I am now practising. I organise shoots with my friends because I have no idea how to contact models for TFP shoots. It’s my way of improving and learning and building a portfolio.

IMG_2332 copy

IMG_2280 copy B&W

IMG_2271 copy

IMG_2309 copy

IMG_2257 copy

We had this in Newtown because I have a tiny obsession over aesthetic walls and Newtown is PERFECT for that. I also had a little shoot with my friend’s CUTEST little sisters. I’m not posting those photos because I don’t have permission to put those photos up but OMG, THEY ARE SO CUTE. After this, I tried out more of a nature setting which I fangirled about because the park which we used is HUGE and GORGEOUS. SETTING IS EVERYTHING RIGHT?!

IMG_2405 copy

IMG_2439 copy

I hope I’ve progressed but I don’t think I’ve done enough to really see a significant improvement. At the moment, I’m researching my way into how to find and contact models in my area for a TFP shoot. So if you’re a model in the Sydney area and you’re interested in one PLEASE contact me! The thing I’m really concerned with is that they won’t take me seriously since I’m only seventeen but I am trying to build a good enough portfolio for this to be a serious thing.

I’m also looking to upgrade my lens. Now, I only use the Canon kit lense 18-55mm. I really and I mean, really want the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 STM because apparently that is a great portrait lense. The price range is around $350 and I am low on funds. WAAAHHH!!!! But camera technology is so vast and always developing, there is just so much to choose from except as a student, my budget currently doesn’t suit it.Light.co is a company which specialises in camera technology. They’ve invented something called the L16 which captures photos in DSLR quality but the actual device is the size of probably an iPhone 5. I find that hella cool and handy because we all know the struggles of lugging a camera bag along with your purse.

Ahhh, technology everyone!
Aren’t you glad we live in the 21st century!?

That is my photography journey so far!



3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk || My Photography Journey

  1. Ahhh I love this post! I went to Newtown on the weekend – first time – and I LOVE all the murals. Such a hipster town haha. And your photos are GORGEOUS. I really want to get more into photography too – I’m playing around with my mum’s DSLR (it’s a Sony) just for book photos at the moment, but I’m going to play around and see what I’m good at. Instagram is so good for inspiration too.

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