September Playlist || Back to Indie

Monthly Music

For the past few months, I’ve been unable to find good indie music which is why I had been mainly listened to musical theatre.

That changed this month!

American Authors and Grouplove’s new albums are fantastic! Re-watching Paper Towns also got me addicted to the album which is just an explosion of amazing indie sounds.
So here’s this month’s playlist which you can probably already predict.

  1. Look Outside by Nat & Alex Wolff

    Don’t you just want to take a spontaneous road trip now?
    I know I DO. It has such a beautiful care-free sound that makes you forget all your troubles.

  2. Welcome to Your Life by Grouplove

    I love Grouplove so much! I don’t know why I find their music so appealing. It could be their road-trip sound or their song’s self-depreciating theme.

  3. Pride by American Authors

    Talking about self-depreciation – American Author’s new album is all that. It’s funny, upbeat and so honest. This album is definitely going to get me through HSC next year.

  4. Dear River by Kina Grannis

    OMG, Kina Grannis is amazing – not only her music but herself. I watched the first episode of Single by 30. Even though the acting isn’t the best, it’s so engaging! Unfortunately, I don’t have Youtube Red (and don’t plan to get it) so I’m not sure how I’ll watch the rest of it. NOOOOO!!!!!

  5. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

    Talk about rediscovery! When this song came on my shuffle playlist I literally stopped whatever I was doing. I hadn’t heard this song in ages and I rediscovered how much I love it!

There’s my top 5 on my current playlist!





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