look-for-a-co-bloggerHi Everyone!!!
I think this post is a long time coming.

I’ve been blogging like a lone wolf since the creation of this blog in 2016. Every year, I became more dedicated to it yet every year, I become busier. Right now, I’m struggling to keep to my schedule – posting every three days – because Year 12 is just dumping me into a pool of work and I’ve never been a good swimmer so I NEED A PAIR FLOATIES.
Great analogy, huh?

I’ve been tossing this decision up for about a year and every time I ponder it, I put it off. I have no idea why but now, I’m just going to jump right in because Fangirl World needs another voice.

So here I am, scouting for a co-blogger.


  • Must be a fangirl and bibliophile (duh).
  • Must be dedicated to posting at least once a week.
  • You don’t need to be Australian – you can be from anywhere!
  • You need to have frequent access to the internet
  • Must be able to review a book thoroughly and with humour

Yeah, there’s not many requirements because a) I can’t think of that many and b) INCLUSION.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Writing book reviews
  • Writing book-related discussion posts
  • Promoting the blog on any of your social media.
  • Engaging with the book blogging community by commenting on posts or returning comments.
  • Posting about any of your other interest – music, photography, fashion, make-up, etc – but please remember Fangirl World is primarily a book blog.
  • TALKING WITH ME!!! To just generally fangirl and also to coordinate when and what to post.
Please fill in the google form below if you’re interested in becoming a co-blogger with me!
I’m looking forward to meeting you!!!


Applications close 20th November.






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