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Podcasts are cool peeps.


You know what I’ve just gotten into recently?

Recently, I haven’t really wanted to listen to any music because any song that comes up gives me a headache. I’m sure it’s just a faze. Then again, I am a person who does not like silence. Whenever I work, read, study, chill – whatever it is – I like to be surrounded by sound. I know, I’m a weird person, psychoanalyse me all you want. Anyway, to replace the lack of music, I’ve discovered a new found love for podcasts.

It’s just a couple of people talking to each other but I love it so much. Even though they’re talking thousand of miles away, there’s something intimate and there’s a sense of belonging when you’re listening to a conversation. It’s soothing and there’s no expectation to chip in your part for the conversation. It’s great for an introvert – even though I’m not an introvert, I’m an ambivert.

At first, I had no idea where to start because podcasts aren’t a popular form of entertainment, at least among people I know. But why aren’t podcasts a thing?! You’re hearing to other people’s interests, opinions and life – IT’S ACTUALLY AMAZING. When I listen to them at night before bed with the lights out, I legitimately feel like I’m in an apartment in New York rather than my suburban home in Sydney. PODCASTS ARE TRANSFORMATIVE!

The number one podcast I recommend is The Read. It’s all about hip hop and pop culture and it’s bloody amazing everyone! It’s chill, cynical and jibes at everything from the Kardashians to whatever trend is on. As well as The Read, I also recommend Dear Hank and John. It’s John Green and Hank Green’s podcast and it’s great just because they’re in it. I’m pretty sure everyone in the reading community would be a fan of Dear Hank and John. So far I’ve only been listening to those two because I’m still in the middle of catching up on all the episodes. It’s like binging a tv show but without all the visuals and the emotional turmoil. It’s pretty relieving and you don’t feel the guilt because you can easily multi-task whilst listening to a podcast.

Does anyone else listen to podcasts?!
What are your opinions about it? Do you love them as much as I do? Which ones do you listen to?



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