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Guest Post || The Price of Magic by KJ Taylor

Welcome to my stop of The Price of Magic blog tour.

My stop will be a lovely guest post written by the equally lovely cover artist of the novel, Sabrina Raven. She’ll be writing about the epic journey of finding the voice of the novel.

I hope you enjoy!

About the Book copy

unnamedThe Price of Magic
by KJ Taylor

Big things are expected of Pip. Can he deliver? Magic is all around him and he is expected to be a great mage, but the path before Pip isn’t simple. Will he fulfill his parents’ expectations? Will he fulfill his own?

In Pip’s world, only those born with defects or deformities can wield magic. Struggling to find his place in an institute of talented mages, Pip sets out on a perilous quest to help his master face the suffocating cost of her gift. For every mage has a price; but in return for that price is power. Magic. The ability to shape the world and create wonders. But is it enough? Is the price of magic worth it?



Finding a Book’s Voice

By Sabrina RG Raven

Encapsulating a fantasy world in a single cover in not a simple task but cover designers like myself are given that challenge. Gone are the days of underdressed females leaning on over muscled He-Man-esque heroes as dragons circle overhead, painted in renaissance style and framed by a plain coloured frame. Sure those still exist but these days with the digital tools at our disposal, covers are becoming more varied and more story oriented.

For me personally I like to have some grasp of the story before I start, especially some insight into how certain important items or symbols look. Or if putting a character on the cover, how the character looks. I have had too many books on my shelves have unrelated imagery or totally incorrect imagery (I’m looking at you Dresden Files – he never wears a hat yet the cover artist always puts one on him).

By taking one or two elements from the story you can weave an image for a cover that not only works as a background for an illuminated title and author name but also gives people a glimpse into the story. As much as we say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ we all do. I have picked up many of my now favourite books because the cover drew me to pick it up. As a cover designer I aim to create a cover that would catch the eye enough for people to at least turn it over and read the blurb.

Despite the rising trends in cover art (see my article on cover trends here) it’s imperative that covers still do their job. When I work with an author or publishing team, my goal is to take their ideas and breathe life into them. It’s a great responsibility as you essentially are creating the public image of the book; the personification of the story. And that is an honour.

So when looking for a cover designer, look for someone willing to get to know your work. If you’re a designer, think outside the box. A cover that stands out for all the good reasons is a book that will get picked up.

Sabrina RG Raven is the designer behind the striking cover of ‘The Price of Magic’, K.J. Taylor’s latest fantasy release. See Sabrina’s portfolio here.


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