Photo Diary || Walsh Bay Portrait Shoot


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

I hope everything is going well, that your holiday wishes are coming and if not, that you are still relaxing and taking a break from life’s demands.

Recently, I had another portrait shoot with a model and EVERYONE, THIS IS THE BEST ONE SO FAR. This is the shoot where I’ve realised how much I’ve improved and it’s very exciting at the moment. It was quite a hot and sunny day which makes it a little harder because the sun comes in and out and when it is out, it’s really harsh. However, Walsh Bay (in Sydney) made up for it. It’s such a great location with the water, scenery and really nice brick walls. I’ll definitely be coming back though I’m thinking when it’s more cloudy, like border-line about to rain. And I’ll definitely be working with Ayesha again!

I thought I would share some of the shots with you guys. The model’s instagram is @ayesha_2302 and she is so talented! She was so easy to get along with which made the shoot even better! And you know, if any of you are curious my instagram is @thebigfatf. Just putting it out there.






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