Rewinding the Year in Books 2016



There is no doubt that this year was one that was made of fun-filled, action-packed, heart-stopping and life-altering novels. This year was also by far my busiest as I struggled to balance, reading, blogging and photography but I’m satisfied that I’ve survived. Though, I know next year will be harder. Personally, I wished I had read more. There are a lot of 2016 highlights that I just didn’t get to read because of time and money restraints. Though mainly money because damn, books eat up my bank account.

I thought it was appropriate to reflect on the books that were memorable to me this year. These are books that were not necessarily published this year but I did read.

Let’s do this!

2016 Best Book


Well, duh.

I did not expect the ACOTAR sequel to be this frigging good. It took such an unprecedented path and it introduced us to new characters who I am obsessed with. Every chapter in this book took my heart and tortured it numerous times with a never-ending chain of feels. Feyre’s journey doesn’t end with a ‘happily every after’. No, we get something even better – a choice. And man, does Feyre make the right one.

The “hey look I’m actually really good” book of 2016


I received this book out of the blue in the mail from Bloomsbury not expecting how much this book would change my view on life and death. IT’S THAT GOOD. It’s a really short read that gets to the point, the characters are straight-forward but still have hold the complexity of human nature. AHHH and it’s so original! Death is just like another life!!

Best Non-Review Book 2016


I just finished this book for my English Major Work to gain some inspiration and HOLY SHIT THIS BOOK WAS HELLA GOOD. It’s creepy and uncomfortable as hell but I cannot deny this book’s originality and flair. This book had me up late reading more about this hellish society and how it treats women. This novel is a classic for a reason.

The Black Sheep Book 2016


For a good year and a half everyone and I mean EVERYONE was talking about this book. Before even reading the book, I noticed why this book would be such a highlight. It’s sci-fi (which is always a tick for me) and it’s narrated in different forms. Yet when I eventually picked up this thick-ass read, it sort of just fell flat. The narration style failed to immerse me into the plot and I just didn’t get the opportunity to really get to know the characters. Not sure if I’ll be picking up the sequel….

Best Aussie Book 2016


Talk about a book that really gives a kick to our politicians. This novel provides a nuanced perspective on such a relevant topic with such flair. The romance doesn’t intrude on any of the discussion around immigration and refugees, instead it gives it more dimension. Another great one from an Aussie author!!!

Best Series I Re-read


I just wanted to re-live the awesomeness of this series. I am begging Susan Ee for more. PLEASE MS EE PLEASEEEEEE!!! The series is immensely action-packed with his fantastic humour. You actually laugh out loud! The world is vivid, the characters are the best and the romance is just ON FLEEK.

2016 Book I Failed to Read


I’m having massive FOMO with this book. Everyone is talking about how great it is and I’m here like I haven’t read it yet!! I don’t know what this book is about other than it’s an epic fantasy novel. I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this baby! Maybe the new year, guys.

That was my year in books!

I want to hear about which books were your most memorable in 2016! Let me know in the comments! Let’s hope 2017 is even better!



5 thoughts on “Rewinding the Year in Books 2016

  1. Elsewhere fell flat for me :/ Just felt like it lacked character development and there was little plot.
    Everything you mention is something that I have yet to read lol. I’m so behind it’s terrible. I have Angelfall checked out from the library right now (I don’t even know if I’ll get to it tbh) and I recently bought Six of Crows. Also waiting on the Illuminae audiobook from the library. Basically I’m glad to hear good things about books I’m looking forward to reading! (Disregard Illuminae because I have no idea how I’ll like that anyway).
    Sucks that you didn’t get to a lot of books you wanted to read, but you still read a few great ones!

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    1. I actually understand why Elsewhere would fall flat for some people. It is very simple and not much happens but I sort of like how chill the book was for such a huge topic. You will LOVE Angelfall, I adore the series! Let me know how Six of Crows goes for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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