Let’s Talk || My Dream Author Panel


First post of the year peeps!!! Let’s toast 2016 away, though honestly, I’m not really looking forward 2017. My last year of school is going to be crazy hectic. AHHHH!!!

I’ve been to a few author panels and I’ve always walked away with some new revelation. There is something magical about watching the creators of such fabulous stories talk about their journey and their thoughts right in front of you. Despite that, I can’t help being jealous of those of you who will be able to attend Book Expo of America (BEA) and watch like a dozen author panels. I know that BEA is coming up soon and I will certainly experience massive FOMO so I thought I would share with you my dream author panel.

  1. Sarah J Maasimg_3158-1IMG_0904WHAT I WOULD DO TO ATTEND A SARAH J MAAS PANEL!!!! She did actually come to Sydney and I had tickets to see her but unfortunately, I had some school thing on at the same time AND I WAS SO ANGRY! I pretty much missed out on a once in a lifetime event!

    What I especially love about Maas is that she knows all her characters inside out. All the interviews I’ve watched with her somehow always include which characters would do what and I am in awe with how well she knows her characters. No wonder, they’re so vivid to us readers! I would just bask in her presence like THE QUEEN IS AMONG US HOW IS EVERYONE NOT FREAKING OUT!

  2. Samantha Shannon

    HOLY SHIT HER BOOKS ARE SO GOOD! The main question I would ask her is can she please release the last four books of the Bone Season series now please because I’m dying after finishing The Song Rising?!

    The Bone Season is indescribable. The synopsis doesn’t give away much so you literally have no idea what to expect but man, the book is EXPLOSIVE. That’s the only way I can describe her books – fucking explosive. I’m actually dying people!
    I would also ask her about how she managed her world-building because it’s so intense and sophisticated and how she even conceived the idea of such a world is already the work of a genius. Or I would just be speechless in her presence and just revel in the fact that I’m in the same room with such a creative mind.

  3. Lin-Manuel MirandadownloadTalking about creative minds……
    Ok so he’s not an author to be exact but he is definitely a writer and MAN IS HE GOOD.

    I cannot rant enough about how much I adore Lin Manuel Miranda. If you somehow hack into my web history, you would probably mainly see videos of Lin Manuel Miranda interviews because he is so insightful. He is that inspirational mentor we all want. There is just something mesmerising about the way he talks. It’s filled with so much wit, humour and wisdom that I leave feeling like the enlightened Buddha.

    If I ever got to see Lin live (OMG, THOUGH IF THAT HAPPENED), I don’t even know what I would ask! Probably, how is your son? Because his son seems so adorable from his tweets. Perhaps also, can I please play Angelica in the Sydney show of Hamilton even though I can’t sing? I would also applaud him on Moana because THAT MOVIE WAS SOOO GOOD!

  4. Patrick Nesschaoswalking
    Another AMAZING author! He also wrote the new Doctor Who spin-off, Class and it is FANTASTIC! The season just ended with only 8 episodes and it’s safe to say that my life has changed because of it.His Chaos Walking Trilogy and book, When a Monster Calls pretty much changed my life. Firstly, I have never cried so much in his books. They’re original, heart-breaking and achingly lyrical. I haven’t read any of his recent novels just because books require money and money is hard to have but I am looking forward to finally devour them in all their awesomeness.Honestly, I have no questions for Ness. All I have is the very typical comment ‘I LOVE you books’. And I think sometimes that’s all you need because it pretty much sums everything up.
  5. Oscar Wilde1357250876652-cachedI imagine that Oscar Wilde would be the funnest person in the world. I think his personality would be exactly like Chandler Bing’s from Friends. Who else doesn’t take anything seriously and makes cynical jokes at pretty much anything?

    His novels and plays are so witty and hilarious. Not Picture of Dorian Gray so much because that’s much darker but definitely The Importance of Being Earnest and Woman of No Importance.

    What would I ask Mr Wilde? Hmmmm, that’s hard one. I got nothing. I would just watch with admiration as he cracks jokes about everything the other authors would say.

And those are the people I would almost do anything to watch talk!

Personally I am very proud of my list, it’s got all the classic and modern greats. I know you’re all wondering why I don’t have JK Rowling on that list. I’M SORRY OKAY SHE JUST ISN’T.

If you’re ever organising these great writers or just anyone to come together, you should check out Eventbrite where you can set up your conference or event. Nice and easy, huh?
But if you ever get these writers together, let me know okay? 




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