Why books hauls are just exhausting


I haven’t posted a book haul in a while and I know that a lot of people like reading/watching about them because hell, I love them.

However there is catch. They are really hard to keep track. Whenever I receive or buy a book, I typically just dump them on the shelf. I don’t have a system or some sort of separate shelf for new/unread books, they’re just all stuffed in one. My shelf is packed and when I mean ‘packed’, I mean PACKED. Here’s a little picture:


Do you get it now? 

When it comes to the end of the month, I simply don’t remember which books I received that month and moreover, where they are. As the months pass by, things literally are piling up and you just end up with a cumulative mess of books. Did I mention it also takes significant effort to find the books, grab the books, place them in some sort of aesthetic order to take a photo of and then after, to put them all back? It takes up considerable time and energy and I just don’t.

I pose to you oh wise people of the book world:

How do you organise your bookshelf? Do you have some some sort of system for your new novels?

Tell me, I am desperate to know!



5 thoughts on “Why books hauls are just exhausting

  1. Book hauls are exhausting, and hard to handle! But for me, I try to keep organised with it. As I bring in books in the month, I pile them somewhere separate and away from my bookshelf. Then, at the end of the month I have a pile to photograph, and then they can go on my shelf! That’s just the way I work though, it might not be for everyone. 🙂

    My recent review and giveaway: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2017/01/freeks-book-review-giveaway.html

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