Let’s Talk about The Flash…


I hope many of you watch the Flash because my emotions are so tangled with this show. It’s exciting, has some cool science and let’s say Barry ain’t so bad looking either.


We’re really in the middle of season 3 now and I just really REALLY want to share my thoughts because this season is definitely an improvement from the last. Of course, listing them is the best way to do that.


  • YAYYY BARRY AND IRIS ARE FINALLY TOGETHER!! And OMG, is anyone else obsessed with their apartment because it’s so gorgeous! Gimme me gimme me gimme me
  • I miss a lot of Barry and Iris’ banter. Back in season 1, they had a great spark going where Barry would go off on a cute rant about some nerdy stuff and Iris would laugh and tease him. So far their relationship is really serious and I understand that because they’re different people now but I’m missing the old Barry’s light-heartedness.
  • Okay, the prospect of Iris’ death is killing (pun totally intended) me. I’m really interested if Team Flash’s efforts to change the events leading up to the future will work. Let’s hope it does because I don’t think Barry would be able to handle another loss.
  • I’m also really missing Cisco’s jokes. It has been lacking this season especially since his tense friendship with Barry. I hope it comes back in full force because it really is the highlight of the show.
  • I’m so proud of Keiynan Lonsdale! I’ve been watching him since his Dance Academy days and as a fellow Aussie YOU GO BOY! I hope they make his character a lot more interesting though. At the moment, he’s being side-tracked as almost an annoyance to Barry. I hope they properly deal with their competitiveness and what it means to have two speedsters. My dream is that Team Flash becomes almost like Team Arrow with The Flash, Kid Flash, Killer Frost and Vibe. That would be an EPIC TEAM.
  • IS SAVITAR TRULY GONE?! That’s what has been bothering me. He is truly a scary villain. They say he’s a god and if he comes back, how will Team Flash beat him?!
  • Oh Caitlin how you are so sweet! Her internal battle with Killer Frost always makes me cry. She is such a genuinely kind person and to see herself being threatened by an evil twin actually breaks my heart.

Please tell me what your thoughts are of The Flash Season 3!

Are you all enjoying it? Better than Season 1 and 2? Personally Season 1 is still the best for me.

Let me know!



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