Let’s Talk || Will I ever stop blogging?

I’ve been thinking about this frequently.

Since my last year of school is now fully underway, my workload is ridiculous and its a struggle to be an organised blogger. Just to add to this pile of struggles, I haven’t been able to find many people interested in becoming a co-blogger so I’m still a solo pilot here. A solo pilot struggling to keep the plane in the air.

Of course this line of thinking led me to the question of if I’d ever stop blogging. My workload will only increase after school when there’s univerity and then work, etc, etc. If I’m struggling to keep up now, how will I ever in the future?

It’s actually a question that has been scaring me because I don’t want to invest all this hard work with the prospect that it might be for nothing. Blogging, especially book blogging, doesn’t have a whole lot of tangible benefits. Sure you get free books here and there but book blogging is very different to for example, beauty and lifestyle blogging where you have the potential to become some fashion influencer like Margaret Zhang and get a load of free beauty products. It’s the truth but it also ensures that you are doing this because you enjoy it, not because you want to be famous or get free stuff.

This is a dilemma that faces every blogger I think; the struggle to keep up and the question of giving it up in the future.

As for me, I still want to do this and finding a co-blogger is my immediate challenge. After that get’s solved, I think everything will fall in place.

Will you ever stop blogging?

How do you juggle your workload and blog?

Let me know in the comments!



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