Monthly Music: R&B February

Monthly Music

Woah, people.

I went from primarily listening to musical theatre for 3 months straight to bopping my head to r&b beats. Pretty big shift if you ask me but good music is in every genre.

1. Distraction – Kehlani

Ahhh this song!!! How many times have I just stopped everything just to dance like a crazy person to this song. I dare you not to because there is something about this song that is so empowering. Try it. I dare you, try it now.

2. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars

I think I’ve just been in a constant dancing mood this month because my reaction to Bruno is almost exact to Kehlani. I just dance and dance. Also, this album is really good. Bruno, you’ve done it again mate.

3. Believer – Imagine Dragons

Woohoo a new Imagine Dragons song!!! They’re staying true to their rock style which I appreciate. I’m earnestly waiting for their new album like


4. Beauty and the Beast – Ariana Grande and John Legend

A classic Disney tune with an R&B twist is exactly what this rendition is and the harmonies are OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is literally like that feeling when you take the first bite of chocolate – silky and sweet. Both of their voices are so beautiful together and this song just ends too quickly. I could listen to it forever and ever.

5. Redbone – Childish Gambino

I’m thoroughly enjoying Gambino’s new album. It’s definitely way more chill and smooth ‘because the internet’ which demands your attention when you listen to it. You have my attention Gambino and you always will.

What’s been on your February playlist?
Anything love-themed?

Let me know!! 



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