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Valentine || Jodi McAlister


About the Book copy

By Jodi McAlister


RRP: $19.99

Strange and terrible things begin to happen to four teenagers – all born on the same Valentine’s Day. One of these teenagers is the Valentine: a Seelie fairy changeling swapped for a human child at its birth. The Unseelie have come to kill the Valentine – except they don’t know who it is.

Pearl shares a birthday with Finn Blacklin. She’s known him all her life and disliked every second of it. Now Pearl and Finn must work together to protect themselves from the sinister forces that are seeking them out.

But there’s one more problem: the explosive chemistry between them . . .

About the Book


Instead of spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, I spent the ‘day of love’ with this book. It was a nice read which did not live to my expectations, shallow and lacking a depthful plot and character list. Ah, I really wanted this book to blow mind!

Pearl in an overachiever who really hates Finn. Despite that, she is sooooo lusty for him. Honestly, Pear was one the most annoying characters I’ve ever had to read about. SHE IS SO BLOODY SELF-RIGHTEOUS AND CONDESCENDING. She takes any opportunity to yell at Finn or point out if he or anyone for that matter is doing something wrong in her eyes. I can totally imagine that she was that annoying kindergarten kid who dobbed on you every single time. Additionally, she is also that heroine who thinks she’s being brave in these paranormal situations when rather, she is just being extremely dumb – ‘Let’s just assume everything!’. It took ages for her to get to the truth – like dude come on, I got what was going on before you. Creepy black cat seems to everywhere you are and you choose to ignore it?! ARE YOU DUMB?! People crawl into your room and you don’t implement some more security measures? Mate, you stupid?


So there are evil fairies determined to kill the Valentine which is pretty much some fairy who was swapped for a human baby and also has some significance to their magical community. I feel like this book lacked the sense of urgency that comes when someone is trying to kill you. Not mildly injure you, TAKE AWAY YOUR LIFE. It takes a long time for both characters to actively do something about their situation. Finn will be like ‘Pearl stay safe and I’ll figure out what’s going on’. Does he do that? Nope, he does nothing. Most of the time, they figure stuff out by Pearl mentioning a bunch of faeries-related things she found on Goggle (such a reliable source of information in a time of supernatural things happening – and Finn will just confirm whatever is true due to his innate memory of the faeries world. It really did feel like a cop out to the pair actually figuring things out which is why the book seemed rush and uneventful.

The romance was honestly less than memorable. You know when a fictional couple click? Yeah Finn and Pearl didn’t. It all felt flat and I felt like the author tried to make up for it by piling on the lust. I really enjoy hate to love romances but this just didn’t work out. I wish the book was longer so it would be able to flesh out not only the plot but also both of the characters and their relationship better. That would’ve added more dimension and perhaps make the whole book more interesting. However this book did have a positive. It really was entertaining to read. It wasn’t like I struggled to finish the book because it was so boring. Valentine is not boring but it does get frustrating at times because the concept has the potential to become a great story.

All in all, an enjoyable read which did lack depth in both the story and characters. I do have hope, though, that the sequel will be much better!





2 thoughts on “Valentine || Jodi McAlister

  1. Books are always the real Valentines. So that was the perfect way to spend the day! I am glad you were able to like certain elements of the book but really, how hard can it be to get the romance right?

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