How I Returned to Reading (for all those struggling)

Returning to reading (1)

After two months without picking up a book, you begin to feeling something missing as you begin to get used to scrolling through Instagram or bingeing Youtube videos during your sparse spare time. Your eyes fall towards the pile of books on your bookshelf that are beginning to grow higher every week as you tell yourself “I’ll read once exams are over.”

You pick up one book, a fantasy one with a brightly coloured cover. After ten minutes, you can’t seem to be infatuated it. The characters fly over your head and soon you’re no longer reading but skimming through the words. You pick up another, this time an Australian contemporary novel. It doesn’t look like much but one of your favourite authors has written a blurb for it which is promising. As you begin, you realise this one is the one that will push you back into what you love the most.

As you are pulled into the core of the story, you immediately stop as you realise you must read Frankenstein for school. You place the bookmark back into the contemporary novel, promising it that you will return soon. Frankenstein proves to be an interesting read. It takes a while to finish is but you consume is one chapter at a time, mesmerised by the creation of such an intelligent monster and the story of the Frankenstein and his creation’s suffering.

It takes you a week and a half to finish and quickly, you rediscover your love for reading. You jump back into the bookmarked contemporary novel and at the moment you’re enjoying every minute of it. Finally you recognise that familiar feeling of joy as you bring a book to school with you and read it between classes.

How did you return to reading?




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