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HELLO! THE NAME IS FAITH & yes, I am a fangirl.

This blog was created at the beginning of 2014 because everyone at school was sick of me raving about books so I decided to create this blog to rave to you guys, who probably share the same obsessions! I left this blog stagnant for the majority of the year. It’s only been since October 2014 that I’ve been blogging frequently.
I kind of forgot I had a blog . . .

I’m an Aussie girl who loves anything to do with books!
I’m also a music fanatic, Whovian, aspiring writer, chronic dancer and lover of crime shows, photography and travelling.

I post every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday & sometimes Saturday. At least I’m supposed to according to my schedule but I’m not very good at following it. Here, you can find anything from book reviews, discussions, monthly playlists, photographic shenanigans, blog tours, giveaways and weekly recaps.

Hope to see you again!


28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hiiiiiii I’ve just found your blog and my name’s Fai- WAIT. WAIT. DID I JUST FIND ANOTHER FAITH???! Whaaaaaaaaaat even. This is cool. (Alright maybe it’s not that miraculous but I mean, I’ve never met another Faith before. And sorry for kind of screaming at you haha. This is me trying to make a good first impression but I’m already somewhat failing. XD )

    I’m also super glad to say that I love photography and travelling too! 😀 But as you can probably tell, the “Photography” tab on my blog has been collecting dust since the beginning of time… because I’m too lazy to put in the watermarks. Ahaha, if I worked as hard as my laziness does, I’d be right on top of my homework game. Also, I’d actually love to visit Australia one day… it sounds pretty awesome!
    Anyway, keep up the great blogging!

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        Alright, is it just me, or does everyone you meet try to make faith jokes thinking that they’re super original? Once someone hears that my name is Faith, they automatically go, “Faith, I have faith in you.” Then everyone tries to out joke the Faith puns.
        Yassss. I can’t go out without photographing things. Though, I’m more of a nature photographer I think. But I especially love taking photos on vacations. Like there would be a sunset and I’d be the only person freaking out and going crazy trying to look for my camera in my bag haha.

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      2. OMG, those faith jokes!!!
        Now, it’s just amusing and I’m like, “wooaahh, you’re SO funny.” When I’m walking with friends and I suddenly crouch down to take a photo of a flower of something, they’re like, “OMG, here she goes again!”


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