No More High School & My 4 Month Plan

After months of guilty procrastination, sleep deprivation and sweat-beaded hours at a desk, I have emerged out of my last year of high school relieved and anticipative. This year was at the very least, eventful. I underestimated how much could occur in the span of a year – how much I would change and how…… Continue reading No More High School & My 4 Month Plan


sparse blogging.

Haha it’s been two months since my last post. What’s happened since then? HSC HSC HSC For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s all the work accumulated throughout the last two years of high school into some assessments and final exams. No, I have not finished yet. Yes, it’s a legitimate…… Continue reading sparse blogging.


How I Returned to Reading (for all those struggling)

After two months without picking up a book, you begin to feeling something missing as you begin to get used to scrolling through Instagram or bingeing Youtube videos during your sparse spare time. Your eyes fall towards the pile of books on your bookshelf that are beginning to grow higher every week as you tell…… Continue reading How I Returned to Reading (for all those struggling)


I Miss Reading

What’s taken me by surprise is how difficult it is to return to reading after not picking up a novel for like a month. Suddenly my attention span is 75% shorter. I’ll pick up a book, read a few pages and then go back on my phone scrolling Instagram. IT’S HORRIBLE. DOWN RIGHT HORRIBLE. Even…… Continue reading I Miss Reading


Why HSC sucks. . .

Blogging is a very rare past time now for me and I blame it all on my last year of school. It’s becoming a very busy year as expected but I’m still reading at an extremely slow pace. LIKE SO VERY SLOW. There are only three simple words to describe my life at the moment:…… Continue reading Why HSC sucks. . .


Let’s Talk || Will I ever stop blogging?

I’ve been thinking about this frequently. Since my last year of school is now fully underway, my workload is ridiculous and its a struggle to be an organised blogger. Just to add to this pile of struggles, I haven’t been able to find many people interested in becoming a co-blogger so I’m still a solo…… Continue reading Let’s Talk || Will I ever stop blogging?


Let’s Talk about The Flash…

I hope many of you watch the Flash because my emotions are so tangled with this show. It’s exciting, has some cool science and let’s say Barry ain’t so bad looking either. We’re really in the middle of season 3 now and I just really REALLY want to share my thoughts because this season is…… Continue reading Let’s Talk about The Flash…


Why books hauls are just exhausting

I haven’t posted a book haul in a while and I know that a lot of people like reading/watching about them because hell, I love them. However there is catch. They are really hard to keep track. Whenever I receive or buy a book, I typically just dump them on the shelf. I don’t have…… Continue reading Why books hauls are just exhausting


2016 End of Year Survey

Disclaimer right here and don’t skip it. I know you will but don’t, it’ll take like 1 sec to read: Some of the questions from this tag I’ve already addressed in my Rewinding 2016 post. So if you are curious for the answers of questions I skipped you can check out that post though I…… Continue reading 2016 End of Year Survey


Let’s Talk || My Dream Author Panel

First post of the year peeps!!! Let’s toast 2016 away, though honestly, I’m not really looking forward 2017. My last year of school is going to be crazy hectic. AHHHH!!! I’ve been to a few author panels and I’ve always walked away with some new revelation. There is something magical about watching the creators of…… Continue reading Let’s Talk || My Dream Author Panel


Rewinding the Year in Books 2016

  There is no doubt that this year was one that was made of fun-filled, action-packed, heart-stopping and life-altering novels. This year was also by far my busiest as I struggled to balance, reading, blogging and photography but I’m satisfied that I’ve survived. Though, I know next year will be harder. Personally, I wished I…… Continue reading Rewinding the Year in Books 2016

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Podcasts are cool peeps.

You know what I’ve just gotten into recently? Podcasts. Recently, I haven’t really wanted to listen to any music because any song that comes up gives me a headache. I’m sure it’s just a faze. Then again, I am a person who does not like silence. Whenever I work, read, study, chill – whatever it…… Continue reading Podcasts are cool peeps.



Hi Everyone!!! I think this post is a long time coming. I’ve been blogging like a lone wolf since the creation of this blog in 2016. Every year, I became more dedicated to it yet every year, I become busier. Right now, I’m struggling to keep to my schedule – posting every three days -…… Continue reading FANGIRL WORLD NEEDS A CO-BLOGGER


Let’s Talk || My Top 5 Fav Youtubers

I feel like a good chunk of my half is spent on Youtube? ANYONE ELSE THE SAME??? I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE!!! I love Youtube so much, not just for entertainment but also because it’s almost like a more enjoyable version of school. I get to choose what to learn and who I learn it…… Continue reading Let’s Talk || My Top 5 Fav Youtubers

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Let’s Talk || My Photography Journey

When I was ten, I wanted a camera for my birthday and I got one. For the next two weeks, all I did was find things to take photos of – my backyard, my brother, my bedroom. It only lasted two weeks because my brother and I broke it playing around. I KNOW RIGHT, WE…… Continue reading Let’s Talk || My Photography Journey